1. Can I use a passport as ID to get into Dave and Busters?(I’m 19)?
  2. Can I use a prepaid Visa / AMEX card and my own personal credit card with Home Depot?
  3. Can I use flea shampoo on my cats?
  4. Can i use hydraulic fluid from a truck for my automatic honda crv ?
  5. Can I use tap shoes, if I remove the taps, as soft soled dance shoe?
  6. Can I wear leggings on a British airways flight?
  7. Can I wear leggings to a volleyball game?
  8. Can I work at hooters at 16?
  9. Can I write my protagonist to be schizophrenic and hallucinate the antagonist?
  10. Can my gf get pregnant after 2 or 3 days after her period?
  11. Can my mom’s dog gets sick if she gets her yearly vaccinations done?
  12. Can my parents have me declared legally incompetent without my consent? i am 33 but supported by them.?
  13. Can scientists feel emotions?
  14. Can somebody tell me a good soda alternative that isn t water.?
  15. Can someone help me identify these flowers I saw while driving today?
  16. Can someone please get rid of kim kardashian for me?
  17. Can someone please name all the liberal sock accounts commanded by bada buthole licker b00m the buttpirate?
  18. Can someone steal me information by wifi?
  19. Can someone tell me what type of bullet (round) this is? I'm super unfamiliar with guns. Lol.?
  20. Can someone with heart failure run 2 miles?
  21. Can the police pursue a fixed penalty for not wearing a seatbelt even though I wasn t actually driving at the time?
  22. Can Tho
  23. Can title Max repo my car after 5 days past due ?
  24. Cant log into my e-mail?
  25. Can two unrelated people who buy a house as an investment get a mortgage?
  26. Can u overfeed a breastfed baby sometimes when my baby cries and I dont know what s wrong I feed him and he settles even when his not hungry?
  27. Can we use AAC Blocks for a boundary wall?
  28. Can you believe people born in the 2000 are adults?
  29. Can you be refuse to be handcuffed if you have a wrist injury?
  30. Can you build a bulding that can reach the sky?
  31. Can you cook your own food in a restaurant if you buy the ingredients at the restaurant?
  32. Can you dare me to do something?
  33. Can you do installment payment for IRS even though they asked you to pay them the full amounts?
  34. Can you drive a car without a water pump and head gasket?
  35. Can you drive without listening to music?
  36. Can you evolve pokemon after you have already attacked in the same turn in the tcg?
  37. Can you financially take care of kids, a wife and yourself while starting school all the way to becoming a doctor?
  38. Can you get full insurance on a salvage titled car?
  39. Can you get in trouble for editing a wikipedia page with false information?
  40. Can you get stomach pains 5 days after ovulation? is this an implantation sign?
  41. Can you give me info whether a person from US in Accra now is being kept there due to a 15K bond?
  42. Can you leave a tampon in for 2 hours?
  43. Can you legally give stock market signals?
  44. Can you list 5 evils practiced by the New Atheists?
  45. Can you live without DNA?
  46. Can you make good money flipping stocks?
  47. Can you provide evidence that god doesnt exist?
  48. Can you put a home's electrical panel on the outside of a house?
  49. Can your pet dog instinctively sense your feelings, your emotional state and any mood swings?