Can my parents have me declared legally incompetent without my consent? i am 33 but supported by them.?

Can my Parents get guardianship without my consent?
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Legally Incapacitated vs. Legally Incompetent
Statutory definitions for legal incapacity that may trigger a guardianship proceeding vary by state, but most require evidence of the inability to understand or communicate information necessary to meet essential requirements of physical health, safety or property management. Depending on the jurisdiction, a person may be declared legally incapacitated by a family, district, county, probate or Supreme Court. The specific terms used to describe this legal status also vary by state, ranging from “disabled person” and “interdict” to “incompetent,” although most use the term “incapacitated.”
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Can my parents adopt my son?
Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more
Can my parents kick me out on the spot?
Lot’s of questions! LOL! I hope you are up to it! Here goes —- You received your Masters Degree? for what? you didn’t say! Who was paying your tuition while in school? = Mom and Dad? Think about this question!! What is your disability? You say you have had it since birth, so how did you manage when you were in Connecticut!?? Does your disability entitle you to receive Social Security? If you have never, per se, held a job, how did you manage to do that!? The food stamps I can see, if you were living on your own, but not with Mom and Dad!! Considering your inability to get around at all looking for a job, why did your parents bother to send you to college? They should have realized you would have to have someone to transport you to and from interviews, I haven’t even started on IF you did manage to get a job yet!! That would tie one or both of your parents up for the rest of your life! I am not being mean, just trying to imagine myself in your place!! So! just suppose I was you, when I went to college, I would weigh my options, with the subjects I wanted to study, and the career I wanted to pursue! There are companies who hire disabled people, you might look in the NET. Some companies like the abled cos they are more reliable! YOUR problem now, you can’t spread your wings and find a job else where because of all this!! Mom and Dad MAY be looking to get some of that money back they paid for your education!!! Maybe if they DID throw you out, the authorities would HAVE to put a roof over your head! They do it for abled bodied people all the time! How can they deny a disabled person!!! Maybe you could actually work for the Welfare Department!!
VA Benefits – What Happens When You Are Found Incompetent?
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My Father Is Incompetent & I Need to Become the Power of Attorney
A competent individual can establish power of attorney that becomes effective if he becomes mentally incapacitated. If your parent has named you the designated agent in his power of attorney, you might be able to assume legal control and make decisions for your parent. The type of POA determines how and if you are able to claim power of attorney. The springing POA either prescribes a method for determining incompetency, such as a doctor’s statement, or it does not and leaves it to the agent to make the determination.. A durable POA becomes effective when signed and remains in effect if your parent becomes incapacitated or incompetent. A nondurable POA becomes effective when signed, but ends when your parent becomes mentally incompetent.