Can I use a prepaid Visa / AMEX card and my own personal credit card with Home Depot?

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Can I get a prepaid visa card using my american express ...
Yes, you can use the Visa Buxx Card (designed for teens) which you can reload online with your credit card (including Amex), check card or bank account. Or the Visa TravelMoney, an alternative to travelers checks and cash.
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Credit Cards You Can Get Without SSN (2018 Update)
Although you can apply for credit cards without an SSN, approval is still more difficult than when applying for a card with an SSN. Applying without an SSN will likely require you to make more phone calls or go to the bank several more times prior to approval, particularly if you deal with a difficult banker.  You should pay attention to job opportunities inside your university and obtain your SSN as soon as you can. Then you can get in touch with banks that issue credit cards and have them attach your SSN to your card. We wish newcomers to America all the best in your studies and work, and that you can obtain the great rewards credit cards offer!