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A Decade of Damage Control
As we capped off our second Strymon Social this past September (again, to everybody in attendance, thank you so much for coming), I felt extremely proud to a be a part of a company with an enthusiastic fan base as well as an honorable mission – to invent tools that spark creativity, which Damage Control has now been doing for over a decade. As a matter of principle, I had to ask Pete if there was a single Damage Control/Strymon pedal that he could call his favorite. “Each project presents a new set of challenges and discoveries,” Pete answered, “but the development of the Damage Control TimeLine stands out as a special one. We were just starting out and we had no idea what we were headed for, but the excitement of the initial phase has an energy that is unique and I’ll always associate that with the Damage Control TimeLine. This of course was also the genesis of the Strymon TimeLine, allowing us to stretch the concept and take it to a new level.”
House Water Damage Repair
How to Daisy Chain Multiple Guitar Pedals
If you use a low-quality power supply, that unit can create a lot of noise when run in a daisy chain. The way to avoid this issue is to use an ‘isolated’ power supply. These power supply units will separate each power output so each pedal receives a completely separate supply. As the pedals’ electronics are completely separate, you don’t get any noise in your signal.