Exterior Door Water Damage

Beware of Wood Rot in Exterior Door Frames
However, if the wood rot has been there for a long time or the damage is extensive, it may be sensible to replace the door. Chances are the age and condition of your door contributed to the wood rot. Replacing the entire door, including the doorjamb, threshold, framing and proper flashing will create a solid entryway, eliminating any moisture issues.
How to Repair an Exterior Door With Rotted Wood
An exterior door that doesn’t have a coating of paint or other protection may eventually begin to show signs of rot. It’s important to remove rotted wood on exterior doors as soon as you notice a problem, so you can protect the integrity of the door. Epoxy wood filler works well to repair a door with rotted wood. The epoxy is easy to mold to fit the damaged area and you can sand it to a finish that resembles that of the door. You can complete the repair process using basic tools you probably already own.