Prevent Water Damage Wood

As outdoor wood are constantly exposed to water its far more prone than indoor wood. Failing to maintain the outdoor wood properly can cause to rot and crack. Chemically treated lumber is able to resist rot for decades. Some wood, including redwood, cedar and teak, contains varying degrees of natural wood preservatives. But water that soaks into any of these wood species will cause them to crack. Water entering the wood causes it to expand. As it dries, it contracts. This movement creates the tiny cracks. If water gets into the cracks, it soaks deeper into the wood, causing even greater expansion and contraction forces that cause the cracks to get deeper and wider.
How to prevent water damage on your porch
PVC – I’ve learned to love PVC. It doesn’t rot no matter how much water you put on it. It has limited strength so it’s not for framing. But for non-structural pieces such as flooring and railings, it’s a great choice. It has come a long way aesthetically. While the old synthetic colors and styles looked a lot like plastic, the new colors along with their graining and streaking patterns make it look a lot more like real wood. I love the newest colors of AZEK decking. They are multi toned so they look more and more like wood. We rarely use anything else for decks. For railings, we have developed a line of PVC railings that are just the bomb! Check them out at our new Porch Store. You can even buy them online at our store.