How to Water Damage Book

How to Salvage Water Damaged Books
The Syracuse University Library’s Department of Preservation and Conservation (SULPreservation) offers a simple, silent tutorial showing how to salvage books that have been damaged by water or other soft liquids. It all comes down to the clever use of paper towels, a fan and a book press of some sort. This video is part of a larger educational series about book repair.
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“How To – How to Dry Wet Books in 7 Steps.” The Restoration Resource. 6 Oct. 2009
Prevent Water Damage Wood
How to Save Your iPhone from Water Damage
I have done exactly the same thing Renee!! It wouldn’t switch off as couldn’t swipe but I shook it as much as poss to get any excess water out but couldn’t get it in rice for a few hours as I was out at the time. Still, it’s been in rice 3 days and still I only got a line on the screen so thought I’d plug it into the computer and try and save as much data and my pics as I could. When I unplugged it from the computer, hey presto – everything came back to life and apart from a water stain visible on the screen, all seems to be working as normal. I have now left it on the shelf above the radiator and hope it will dry out completely now. SO, all is not lost!