Water Damage to Wood Floors Buckling

What is Peaking, Buckling, and Cupping in Wood Floors
You don’t necessarily have any control over unexpected moisture issues, such as flooding or leaking pipes, nor can you do anything about humidity or moisture in the air. You can, however, protect your floorboards with a sealant product. Using a dehumidifier in rooms with hardwood flooring during periods of dampness or high humidity is helpful, as well. Even if you do incur moisture damage, there’s no need to replace your entire floor. Although it’s something of a hassle to sand your hardwood or replace individual boards, it’s less expensive and frustrating than ripping up everything.
How To Minimize Water Damage To Wood Floor March 29, 2019 –Posted in: Blog
Water damage can cause you headaches but repairing wood floors water damage is possible. Water spill on a hardwood floor is easiest to rectify and you will only need to scrub the stained area with a steel brush. Wooden floors that have warped however due to extensive water damage to wood floors buckling may need to be replaced. Hardwood is resilient and the question- does water damage hardwood floors– depends on the extent of water damage. If the wood has been sitting on water for long periods it may have rotted and warped and need to be replaced. All in all, you have to apply elbow grease to save your wooden floors. The question of can water damaged hardwood floors be repaired—depends on your willingness to act fast and mitigate the damage by applying your own effort or getting professional assistance.