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Flood Damaged Vehicles
Unscrupulous salvage yards and auto dealers often try to conceal the fact that a vehicle has been damaged and sell it for much more than it is worth. These vehicles may turn up in all 50 states. They could have a title or ownership documents from any state, not just from the affected areas, and they may not be listed as damaged by any state or online service.
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❏ Shut off electricity to areas of the home that might flood. Even if floodwaters are not reaching electrical outlets, the risk of electrical shock to someone working in a flooded basement is high with electric motors in the furnace, freezer, washer, dryer and other appliances. Shut off electrical breakers or unscrew fuses. Don’t stand in water and turn off electrical switches. If this must be done, use a dry piece of wood or a plastic or rubber pole to do the switching, and stand on a block of wood or a plastic crate that doesn’t conduct electricity. If floodwaters are getting close to the electrical entrance box, call the power supplier and have the electrical supply to the house disconnected. If the floor is damp but not really flooded, ground fault circuit interrupters reduce the risk of using electricity. In newer homes, interrupters can be identified by the buttons between the top and bottom outlets. They can be added to any outlet or in an extension cord to turn off the power if an electrical fault occurs.
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I wanted to thank you again for going to my father’s house yesterday to see what damage had been caused by the leak in his plumbing. It was comforting to know that a professional had taken a look, and I appreciate so much your advice as to what out handyman could do in light of the fact that the damage was slight so that requesting your help might not be necessary. As it turned out, we did arrange for the handyman to care of this. Although we of course hope that we will not need your services, you can rest assured that if we ever do we will be in touch with you and let anyone who might need you know how very helpful you were to us.