Flood vs Water Damage

Flood Damage vs Water Damage: Know the Difference
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Water Damage vs Flood Damage: What You Need to Know
In places like San Diego, knowing the differences between water damage vs flood damage can save you a lot of money – especially if you live directly on the coast. Don’t wait to find out if your damages are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Avoid paying a thing out of pocket when flood damage occurs – invest in flood insurance now before it is too late.
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Hurricane Insurance Fraud: Understanding Wind Vs. Flood Damage & How FEMA Works
FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is the federal agency responsible for coordinating response efforts to federal disasters, risk reduction, and recovery. Richards says that as part of these duties the agency oversees the National Flood Insurance Program, which issues flood policies. These flood insurance policies can be issued by FEMA directly or by private insurers called write your own (WYO) companies, such as independent insurance agents, who can issue policies in their own names, collect premiums, and pay claims.
Water Vs. Flood Damage
In fact, if you live in a flood zone then you should definitely consider insuring your home in case of a flood. Insurance coverage will help you redeem the damage. However, carefully go over your insurance policy as in an insurance industry, water damage and flood damage are two different things. Most Insurance companies usually state that they cover water damage, but what people do not know is that water damage due to “maintenance issue” that a homeowner can control, is in most cases not covered. Insurance will cover your losses only in terms of flood. Therefore, be sure you read the whole contract before agreeing to it. But, when a disaster strikes, it is important to act fast in order to prevent greater water damage and to try to save as many household items as possible. This applies to floods as well. Although hard to prevent, there are certain things that every homeowner needs and can do to be prepared in case of this most common natural disaster in Australia.
Salt Water vs. Fresh Water Damage July 18, 2017 –Posted in: Blog –Tags: Flooding Facts
When you think of water damage, you may think of fresh water sources like a burst pipe or flash flood from a river, but salt water poses just as much a threat as fresh and it can deliver home-threatening water damage in conjunction with a hurricane, tropical storm or other natural disasters. In fact, salt water can be even more damaging than fresh water because of the corrosive nature of salt.
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When Water Damage Strikes
When a pipe bursts, it can release gallons upon gallons of water into the building. Depending on where the pipe is located, water can soak through carpet and carpet pads, drench hardwood floors, leak through ceilings and drywall, infiltrate cement and plaster, and seep through insulation.
Can Smart Water Sensors Help Prevent Flood Damage?
Ooma Home’s Secure Plan costs just $3.99 – $4.99 per month and includes the ability to connect with an unlimited number of security sensors and devices, including water, door, window, motion, garage door, siren, and video. Plus activity notifications are available via SMS, phone call, email, and mobile app. Not only does it support multiple simultaneous app users, but it also offers remote 911 to access your local dispatcher.