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water damage to window sill
I bought a house that's 150 years old last month. It's in decent shape and most of the house has newer windows in it. The window in ...
How Necessary Are Window Sills In a Home?
Even the most expensive window sill unit won’t perform its efficiency effectively if it’s not installed correctly. Be warned of any contractor who relies too heavily on expanding foams or sealants to get a window to fit well should as these materials aren’t waterproof and can lead to problems down the road. Flashing and proper caulking may be the cheapest parts of window installation, but if they’re not done with an eye to detail, the ensuing water leaks will cause a barrage of problems that could have been easily prevented. Pre-installation waterproofing, often completed long before windows are installed, is the best option to ensure long-lasting window sill that perform the best they can.
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Window sill
A window sill (also written as windowsill or window-sill) is the surface at the bottom of a window.
How to Refinish Windowsills
Although many windowsills are stained wood, some are painted. Before you sand the sill down in preparation for a new finish, the old paint has to go. A putty knife or paint scraper is an effective tool for paint removal. Check the caulking while you are painting and if there are any voids or you pull any caulking out while removing the paint, re-fill the gaps and smooth them over with the putty knife. For non-painted surfaces check the caulking and fix it if necessary. Give the caulking 24 hours to dry before moving on.
How can I treat water damaged window sills?
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How to Strip & Stain a Window Sill
Window sills are usually made of wood that is often painted, particularly in older homes. Over time the paint peels, fades or is discolored by moisture or mildew. Painting over these problems is not a good solution. Stripping the paint and staining the windowsill gives you a new, clean surface and an updated look to your room. Stripping and staining a windowsill is a job you can often do over a weekend, without calling in a professional.
How to Tile a Window Sill
Measure the spaces at each end of the sill and deduct the grout spacing. Mark the edge of two tiles as fillers, using a felt-tip marker. Cut the filler tiles on a tile cutter. To do this, place a tile flat on the plate of the cutter with the marked edge against the fence and the finish face of the tile up, and align the mark on the tile with the center-mark on the fence. Push down on the handle of the cutter and score across the face of the tile from end to end with the wheel of the cutter. Position the cutter at the center of the scored mark and push down on the handle to break the tile at the mark.
How to Repair Sandstone Window Sills
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