Stage 3 Water Damage

Chapter 2. Water Damage
Though we look rather solid, and feel dry to the touch, anywhere from 41% to 84% of our body weight is represented by water alone. The spread is so wide because of age, fat (adipose tissue), and pro­tein (muscles) content. In general, a frail old person will have the low­est ratio of water content to total body weight, while newborns and infants will have the highest. For adults (19 to 50 years of age) the water content ratio ranges from 43% to 73% for men, and 41% to 60% for women. The water content decreases in overweight people, because adipose tissue contains less water (10%–40%) than does lean tissue (75%). For the same reason—more fat—women’s bo­dies con­tain less water than men’s. (Source: all figures. [5])
Drinking Water Filter 3-stage Under Counter
We recommend replacing the cartridges after six months or the specified gallon capacity to prevent the growth of bacteria in the system. The AQ-5100 Single Stage has a capacity of 200 gallons, the AQ-5200 Two-Stage has a capacity of 500 gallons, the AQ-5300 Three-Stage has a capacity of 600 gallons and the AQ-5300+ Three-Stage has a capacity of 800 gallons. Replacement filters cost $29.99 for the AQ-5100, $59.99 for the AQ-5200, $64.99 for the AQ-5300 or $79.99 for the AQ-5300+, but you can save 15%, get free shipping, and extend your product warranty by signing up for our no-contract auto-ship filter replacement program, Water for Life. The performance indicating device on the AQ-5200, AQ-5300 and AQ-5300+ systems will sound a beeping alarm and flash red when it is time to change your cartridges. The AQ-5300+ also contains Bluetooth connectivity so you can download our iPhone App and get alerts for when it is time to change your cartridges and even order new replacements straight from the App!