Water Damage Engine Seized Symptoms

Engine Locked Up? Is it worth to Fix it? Here’s What You Do
An engine seizes up due to mechanical failure, usually associated with oil starvation. When an engine runs out of oil or the oil isn’t circulating as it should, internal metal parts rub against each other, creating enormous amounts of heat from the friction. Bearings that are meant to allow for smooth movement grind against the crankshaft and camshaft, sometimes literally welding themselves onto other parts. As a result, if your engine locked up while driving, your engine will suddenly sound really rough, then stop on its own. Seized engines due to lack of oil can range from a little engine damage to major damage.
Water Damage Strawberry Abiotic Disorders
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Water Engine Damage
The most immediate signs of engine damage from water exposure will likely be found in the engine oil and transmission fluid. By just checking the fluids with a dipstick you can see if there has been exposure. Water will make the transmission fluid look milky in consistency. Water in the oil pan will also dilute the engine oil as well.
Freeing a stuck engine
Just used all methods above and freed up Mercruiser 200 that sat for 2 years with oil drain pug removed and water filling up the oil pan. Mix 1 part MMO, 1 part WD-40 Specialist, 1 part PB Blaster and 1 part ATF -the cheap stuff works just fine as you will be draining. Remove spark plugs and spray Sea Foam Deep Creep [ one can on each side of block ] into cylinders and let sit for 1-2 days. With Proforms Engine rotation adapter p/n 66782 or similar remove the pulleys and install adapter to front of harmonic balancer, attempt to turn crank in small increments. Fill cylinders again and reinsert plugs. Wait 1-2 days and repeat, this time, fill the engine with the 5 gal mix posted above. Continue to turn crank in small increments. Mine moved about 1/8". Continue the cylinder spray alternating PB blaster and Sea Foam Deep creep. After 2 weeks, top of engine with 4 quarts of 15-40 hd oil. Continue to turn crank. Mine let go tonight after 2 weeks of this treatment, great feeling. Be sure to tap crank as mentioned in this article with longitudinal force, this seemed to be what caused it to "let go". Note - use the 1" socket on the Engine rotation adapter or you will break the tool from force on the internal 1/2" drive cut out while trying to break the engine free. Good luck and the hardest part, HAVE PATIENCE