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We take care of the entire claims management process, from assessing the damage and submitting the claim, to dealing with the repair contractors, your insurance claim adjuster and negotiating the settlement of your claim. We eliminate the stress of dealing with the insurers and repair contractors and are most likely to negotiate a much higher compensation for your loss, than if you handled the claim yourself.
5 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Wind Damage Insurance Claims
ClaimsMate has a team of handpicked public adjusters who specialize in wind damage insurance claims. If you’ve experienced wind damage on your property and you want to maximize your insurance claim settlement, then ClaimsMate can help. Get in touch today and we’ll analyze your case, then help determine if using a professional public adjuster is right for you.
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RentCoverShortTerm gives you comprehensive cover for contents (including game consoles, linen and crockery) of your short term rental property up to $65,000, for damage caused by your tenants or their guests, whether that damage is accidental or malicious. In addition it covers you for legal expenses incurred in minimising a loss, legal liability up to $20,000,000 and even professional fees incurred due to a tax audit up to $1,000.
The Best Water Damage Insurance Claims Tips
Your insurance company may provide you with additional living expenses. Feel free to use that to get a hotel for the night. However, if your home is going to be unlivable for a long period of time, then your insurer may be responsible for paying for a comparable dwelling for the near future. Be aware that flood insurance policies do not include additional living expenses. If the only cause of damage is covered by your flood insurance policy then there likely will not be any coverage for additional living expenses. Although with a major storm such as a hurricane that causes wind damage and flooding, that wind damage may be covered under your homeowners, commercial property or business owners policy and include additional living expenses. Check your policy and check with your insurance company to determine if additional living expenses are provided.
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In nearly all the claims we’ve worked since 1992, there has been a significant discrepancy between what the insurance company offers to settle a claim compared to the best possible settlement. This difference can result from missed coverage entitlements, poor adjusting and an incomplete investigation into the full scope of damage. Simple oversights such as these can cost people like you thousands of settlement dollars.
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4 Things You Need to Know About Smoke Damage Insurance Claims
Smoke damage is nasty and can affect virtually everything in your home. Many of your possessions and furniture may need to be discarded – even if they don’t look badly damaged. Soot can spread quickly, cover things in many unforeseen places, and is quite hazardous to your health. Be sure to thoroughly inspect for soot damages and inconspicuous damage from smoke when making a claim with your insurance for a fire.