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Roof Damage Insurance Claims
Call us at 800-572-7914 today or contact us online for help filing your roof damage insurance claim. At Insurance Claim Consultants, our public adjusters use cutting-edge roofing and moisture mapping technology, allowing us to properly substantiate and document roof damage claims of all types and sizes. With decades of experience winning the largest possible claims, our team is dedicated to helping our clients win fast and accurate roof claim settlements.
Flood Insurance Claims
Before filing any type of water claim, it’s highly recommended that you consult with a trusted public adjuster to assess the type of claim you should file, determine the scope of damage and help you understand your coverage. Call us at 800-572-7914 today or contact us online for help filing your flood damage claim. Ever since 1992, our team of public insurance adjusters and property loss appraisers has successfully provided flood insurance claim assistance for property owners in Florida and across the nation.
Neighbor Cause Water Damage to My Condo
Insurance Claims
Property damage or loss claims are commonly disputed by insurance companies based on a variety of grounds. Insurance carriers frequently dispute claims of this nature by contesting specific characteristics of the property for which the owner is seeking damages – they may dispute a claim due to time restrictions not being met, or because there isn’t enough evidence to support a correlation between the event and the damages, or other complicated coverage issues.
Water Damage Claims
Water damage if left unchecked can destroy your property. In many instances, if you do not file a water damage claim, the water damage can be extraordinarily expensive to undertake on your own. Very often you will have to file an insurance water damage claim in order to get full compensation for your loss. Insurance companies are well-versed in denying, delaying and underpaying valid water damage claims. They often embed archaic, ambiguous and incomprehensible language into their insurance contracts in an attempt to finally avoid paying for the visible or latent effects of water damage.
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