Samsung S4 Water Damage Sensor on Galaxy

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Snap the back plastic frame back onto the phone by fitting the top edge in first then snapping the rest of it down. Work your way around the outer edge of the phone to snap the frame back into place all the way around. Once the frame is snapped down securely, replace the 9 phillips screws around the perimeter of the phone.
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Before starting I should say I accept NO liability if you damage your phone, warranty, or anything in any way by doing anything mentioned on this page or any page on this website. You accept total liability for your actions. I am not sure if doing any of this affects your Samsung S4 phone warranty in any way, but it’s your task to find this out before doing the process below to find the water mark warning indicator. You will only be removing 8 screws and removing the back cover with the pick. No electronics are removed or harmed by this process.
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Fix Water Damaged Samsung Galaxy S4
This issue is a little tricky and isn’t too common when it comes to moisture damage but it does happen occasionally. If your device will boot up but seems to get stuck on its startup logo, or begins to boot but before it turns on all the way it will power off, or if it gets caught in a boot loop and seems to restart over and over again nonstop then you might want to consider trying to troubleshoot the phones software before looking into replacing the unit. Check out how to fix an Samsung Galaxy S4 that’s stuck in a boot loop for some advice on how to try and troubleshoot this particular issue.
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The tricky part is removing this back cover. You can use a finger nail or a guitar pick. I used my fingernail first, then an old sim card like I mentioned above. You need to get the pick between the front face plate and metal. Put the old sim card in, then slowly move it around all the phone. You will hear clicks as you go, these clicks are the white clips coming free and releasing the back. Be gentle and move slowly, there is no rush.