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Mold infestation is a common problem in many of the houses and buildings and results in a very foul smell. Not only this, its elevated levels are associated with several health issues. The workers and residents exposed to mold are prone to health damage and this condition needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you want to get rid of the bad smell and want to stay healthy, you require help for Mold Remediation. Looking for some reliable service? We have got your back. The DC Damage Restoration has experienced staff that can eradicate this problem and helps you to keep your environment healthy and safe. We offer a complete service for remediation of mold and you would be impressed by the results. In addition to these, we also offer tile replacement, sewage cleanups, Duct cleaning, Ceiling Restoration, property damage, Deck restoration and many other services. Contact us for more information.
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24-hour Emergency Services - Fire, Mold, Flood & Water Damage Restoration in Toronto & the GTA When the unexpected happens, it does not just damage your property, it causes chaos in your schedule, budget, and the day-to-day life of your household or office. GTA Restoration remedies this situation with a quick, well-equipped, and effective response team that extends reliable and affordable assistance for your indoor emergencies at any given time of day or night. From water damage, broken plumbing to mold and asbestos issues, our property damage specialists in Greater Toronto can assess, address, and restore the surfaces and corners of your home or building and leave you with less worries, stress, and expenses.
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When water damage occurs, getting everything completely dry afterward can be a real challenge. Even small amounts of moisture in your home can lead to the growth of mold and other problems. Thermal imaging is a newer technology that many water damage restoration services are now using to [...]