Water Damage Macbook Trackpad Gestures

Question: Q: 2 drips of water damaged trackpad
Hi everyone, last night I finished showering and came out using my MacBook Pro without completely drying my hair, about 2 drips of water fell on the trackpad and maybe 2 on the keyboard too, and then the trackpad started to go crazy the cursor started moving crazily and clicking on everything, I shut down the laptop and turned on again and the cursor was still in frenzy mode so I shut it down again and in the next morning it got a little bit better but still hard to use, then I reinstalled the system twice and it eventually become normal again, so the question is is this a normal phenomenon when u drip some water on the trackpad or it is water damaged already?
How I fixed trackpad, keyboard after water spill on Macbook Air
I spilled a small glass of Tullimore Dew (Irish whiskey) onto my MacBook keyboard and killed it. After reading the above article, I purchased a keyboard and installed it after finding that there was no problem with the flat cable connections. You need to cover this keyboard replacement job. It is a JOB. Around the periphery are 39 teeny screws – no problem. But distributed throughout the key area are 50 teeny rivets that hold the stainless keyboard part to the aluminum frame. These have to be pried out with a big screwdriver. Most of them come out, but some lose a little ring, leaving just a tiny post sticking up. After the whole thing is finally removed, the little posts remaining have to be pulled out with diagonal pliers. The keyboard seller provides 50+ teeny screws which miraculously thread into the unthreaded little holes to hold the keyboard in place. They just sort of self-tap into the frame. There were no instructions for all of this job; I had to figger it out for myself. Fortunately I am an old engineer. No, I did not take any pix. Wish I had. But you guys oughta cover this strange keyboard replacement job, I think. (I donated to your fund, by the way.)
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Three finger drag gesture via new MacBook Pro’s trackpad acting up for some users
Three finger drag, a productivity-boosting multi-touch trackpad gesture in macOS, isn’t working properly for some owners of Apple’s new MacBook Pro. Both 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros have larger trackpads than their predecessors, but for many people the gesture doesn’t work at all.
Question: Q: spilled water on my laptop, trackpad doesn't work
Wonderful. And if you feel my initial post to the OP was lacking in originality or freshness you need to understand the consequences involved with liquid damage to electronics and the resultant disaster of the "do it your selfer." Just hang out at the genius bar when they bring in their Macs with orange juice, coffee, coke and a miriad of other spills. Read forum posts here for at least a month regarding spills. If it worked for you fine. For everyone else, take it to an Apple store.
How To Enable/Disable Mac Trackpad Gestures
All recent versions of Mac OS X ship with some good number of multi-touch gestures. Users who are using MacBook or iMac with Magic Trackpad can use these multi-touch gestures on the trackpad to quickly perform common tasks that would other require using keyboard shortcuts or navigating through various menus and windows.