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Macbook WATER DAMAGE repair
In an emergency situation, we can have your MacBook in our shop and undergoing surgery quicker than you can say ‘Barry Allen’. And you don’t even have to bring it to us. If it’s not convenient for you to pop into one of our London repair shops, our Apple water damage repair engineers will come to you. They’ll diagnose the problem on the spot, and take your machine in for an operation. In many cases, we have the spare parts in stock and can bring your MacBook back to life on the day it dies. And if we can’t, we’ll get it back to you the next day. Good as new.
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Many technicians don’t care about customers and will charge them a fortune to fix their Apple device. Other technicians want to help but don’t have the knowledge or equipment to make it happen. WE DO CARE and we have the experience, the equipment, and the attitude to get the job done right the first time.
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Prevent Liquid Damage with Water Damage MacBook Pro Repair
Before getting into specifics, it ought to most likely abandon saying that on the off chance that you happen to drop a MacBook into a swimming pool, lake, sea, or waterway, it’s fundamentally ensured to be toast. Beyond any doubt, you can in any case attempt to spare it, yet the chances of recuperation are phenomenally low. You all know water contact with PCs is considerably trickier to manage and recoup from than water getting into or onto an iPhone, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t at any rate endeavor to recuperate the Mac. Try avoiding and take actions quickly but you are always recommended to visit the reliable service provider offering water damage MacBook Pro Repair services:
Apple repair cost for water damaged macbook?
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For part replacement, upgrades and liquid damage cleaning the average repair time is 1-2 hours. For logic board repairs it can be anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks, or more if you want us to keep trying. Since we have a no fix no pay policy, the difficult repairs go to the bottom of the pile and the easy ones come first. Since we do not charge an hourly rate we cannot keep trying for days to fix one mac, we will try it again when it is not so busy and thus sometimes we need more time to fix it then someone who charges per hour. If you cannot wait, let us know a day ahead and pick it up anytime.
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Mac Repairs in London
We have wide range of Refurbished and New laptops, systems of Apple brand and also other brands.
MacBook Liquid Damage Repair
Liquid damage issues are extremely upsetting for all MacBook users. If your 13 inch MacBook has suffered an accidental liquid spillage and it won’t power on, we, at Creative IT will help you with expert Apple MacBook liquid damage repair services. Each liquid or water spill case is unique and it requires an extensive range of troubleshooting, repair and component replacement services and in some cases your notebook computer may require a MacBook logic board repair service. Before getting on with any repair process, our highly trained component level technicians will fully diagnose your laptop computer and will recommend the available repair options. We can also recover your valuable hard drive data from flood or water damaged MacBook hard drives through our London MacBook data recovery services.
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"E-repair service professionals is always helping us to sort out all our IT problems, can always replace the parts and fix computers, printers, network if required. We had them for 6 months and are very happy with their support service"
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Mac SCREEN replacement
Our Mac screen repair engineers are trained experts who know everything there is to know about your silver machine. They can talk Retina, silky-smooth glass, and compensation film with the best of them. And when they talk to you, they’ll do it in language you can understand. We don’t believe in being geeks who hide secrets in incomprehensible tech-speak. Instead, we’re geeks who love Macs and know how to tell you what’s wrong with yours. Like we said: we’re the local Apple Mac screen repair people. Apart from being obsessive Mac experts, we’re just like you.
The Ultimate Guide to Fix MacBook Water Damage
Ceiling water damage can be caused by many things. Leaking pipes and excessive rain drops can be some of the causes. Sometimes, woods and water might not be good together. A long duration of contact with water will make woods damaged and deteriorated. Furthermore, ignoring the damage would only lead to more problems. In the …
MacBook Pro Liquid Damage Repair
The Creative IT UK team is skilled in performing component level MacBook Pro water and liquid damage repair services to fix on-board issues associated with 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch notebook models. By making a thorough diagnosis, our experts identify the damaged components on your notebook logic board and replace the specific component. We stock laptop spare parts including logic boards, track pads, keyboards, hard drives, graphics processing unit (GPU), memory modules, cables and other spare parts to provide you with quick and efficient Apple MacBook Pro water damage repair solutions. If your MacBook Pro logic board is completely damaged due to the liquid spillage, we will provide you with a comprehensive logic board replacement solution at the most reasonable rate for all Unibody and Aluminum laptop models.
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I spilled water on my MacBook! – What should I do to fix it? – MacBook Water Damage Repair in NYC
I HAVE THE SOLUTION!! If you spill water on your Mac book /Mac Book Pro – if you have an air purifier, place it in a position where the air blows on the keyboard/screen where the liquid is until it’s dry. I put my Mac Book Pro in a V Shape over a towel so that the keyboard was upside down – then I positioned my air purifier a few inches away from the keyboard/screen – in 5-10 mins my computer was working just fine!!! I could not even turn it on after I spilled 1/2 glass of ice water on it!!! I could not believe it!!!! I think an air purifier works much, much better than a fan – I think the air purifier just sucks the water right out in literally minutes!! If you have a high quality air purifier, it can save your Mac Book!!
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Macbooks, like any other devices, are highly sensitive and don’t mix well with liquid. If any liquid comes in contact with the internal components of your Macbook it spells disaster. No spills are good, but some may be lesser evils depending on where the liquid is spilled. If your laptop receives any liquid contact, immediately turn it off, remove the battery and bring it to us! Damage to the diodes and connectors on your logic board can compromise your internal components. Replacing a logic board costs almost as much as a new computer altogether. There is a chance your components can be salvaged if left powered off to dry. Don’t risk having to pay for a replacement that’s 2-3 times the cost of our repair.