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Damage (1992 film)
Despite her relationship with Martyn, Anna arranges a tryst with Stephen at her small London town house. The following day, Martyn is appointed deputy political editor at his London-based national newspaper. Ingrid arranges a dinner to celebrate in London. While at dinner, Ingrid shows a distrust in Anna and asks her aggressive questions regarding her childhood. Anna mentions the loss of her brother who was a year older than her and committed suicide when he was 16. When Ingrid asks why he killed himself, Anna replies, "Love." After dinner, Martyn drops off Anna and Stephen follows them. Once he leaves, Stephen talks to Anna about how much he "wanted to touch her during dinner". They have sex on the floor and in the bed. It is in bed that Anna describes in detail the suicide of her one-year older brother at age 16 after he had expressed an incestuous desire for her, saying "he wanted me all to himself and not to grow up." She also says that damaged people are dangerous and she hates a possessive relationship with anyone.
Water Damage (1999)
This movie lacked pizzazz. It seems that the producer could have done something to add more excitement to a rather dull movie. I starts slow and may put you to sleep but does pick up towards the end. Rent it if you really have no other choice at Blockbuster.
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Water Damage
Seit sein jüngster Sohn bei einem Badeunfall starb, ist Paul ein seelisches Wrack. Um so härter trifft ihn eine Mordserie in der Gegenwart, welche sich ausschließlich um enge Schulkameraden aus seiner Vergangenheit dreht. Während der ermittelnde Kommissar zunächst ihn verdächtigt, dämmert Paul bereits, dass er bald selbst zu den Opfern gehört, so er nicht umgehend eigene Nachforschungen einleitet. Es stellt sich heraus, dass seine Befürchtungen nur allzu berechtigt sind: Das Phantom streckt bereits die Krallen nach seinem letzten lebenden Kind aus …
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One year after the drowning death of his young son, Paul Preedy (Daniel Baldwin) receives an invitation to a reunion at his prep school. Paul decides to go, taking his remaining son with him. When they arrive, they find that only two other people had been invited and a new nightmare is about to begin.