Galaxy S3 Water Damage Indicator Purple Cow

How to find water damage on Galaxy S9 using Liquid Damage Indicator
Despite all the protective measures, be it Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 or IP68 certification, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are still vulnerable to damage. While you can easily prevent the phone from breaking by adding a protective case that covers all vulnerable areas of the S9, it’s not possible to completely protect the S9 pair from water damages. This is because several ports and cutouts have to remain open, through which water can easily enter the devices.
Liquid contact indicator
A liquid contact indicator (LCI) is a small indicator that turns from white into another color, typically red, after contact with water. Those indicators are small stickers that are placed on several points within electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. In case of a defective device, service personnel can check whether the device might have suffered from contact with water. After contact with water, or other liquids, the device is not covered by warranty. Liquid contact indicators are also known by other names such as water damage tape, water damage sticker, water contact indicator tape, liquid submersion indicator.