Laptop Water Damage

Save your laptop from water damage
When two days have passed, return the components to the laptop and test it out. Hopefully these steps have been enough to save your equipment, but if your laptop is non-responsive, all hope isn’t lost – a reputable PC technician may still be able to save your computer.
How to Fix a Water Damaged Keyboard
Next, start by pulling out all of the keys. Almost every keyboard has keys that can pop in and out without causing any damage. You may need a small lever to pull the keys out. Consider using a screwdriver or penny. Make sure to put the keys somewhere safe so that they do not get lost.
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How do I Repair Laptop Water Damage?
Spilling liquid on any of your electronics, especially your laptop, can be a very nerve racking experience, and you may even believe that laptop water damage means the end of your computer. Many warranties will cover accidental damage, but that protection becomes void if you try to repair a laptop yourself. So if you have a warranty, contact the company immediately. The first thing you must do when any liquid is spilled on your laptop is unplug it and remove the battery, along with any cords and external hardware. Next, you must try to dry up any liquid and allow the machine to sit for a period of time before trying to power it up again.