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Sick of paying $200-400 for Water Damage Leads?
Lead-gen in the water damage restoration space has gotten ridiculous. You have plumbers in all corners of the US charging more and more to refer you the leads. We’ve even heard as much as $1250 per lead in CA! Maybe you sometimes feel like you’re being held hostage by them? Some of the online Lead Gen companies are getting really greedy and charging more and more per lead, because they know you’ll pay and won’t get the call without them. We’ve even heard stories of lead-gen companies trying to get into your billing and take that over so that they can charge UPWARDS of 40%!
Get more water damage leads and grow your restoration company.
We have been using them for our Restoration company in the greater bay area for several months now. They provide quality leads and a wonderful platform for tracking. I would definitely recommend giving them a try.
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Flood/Water Damage Restoration Lead Generation & Marketing Guide
If you currently have only a few reviews and one of them is negative or gives a bad aggregate, this looks worse to potential customers, so you should consider trying to get more reviews. It is technically against the policy of most of the major platforms to ask for reviews, but you want to make it as simple as possible for them to do it at least. One simple tactic is to put a review link on your business cards and anything else your clients might see easily like your email signature. That way, they know where to go to write you a review, and they get reminded to do it without you asking them directly.
Water Damage Leads Get The Best Water Damage Restoration Leads
Do you wish you could find a better system for getting water damage restoration leads? You can. Restoration 24/7 Lead Generation will get you the water restoration leads you’re looking for — and they won’t cost you a cent. You only pay for VALID leads. Using our enormously improved and personalized lead generation technology, we will generate the leads you want. You don’t pay a thing for bad leads (irrelevant, erroneous or wrong calls) and We won’t take a percentage of your jobs either. We are here to provide high quality leads. What’s our secret? It is very simple. We take other lead generators’ “winning formula” and perfect it. Improving on others’ systems is what makes us the industry leader in water damage restoration marketing. We rarely lose a client because we give good value for money. Our lead generation service produces a great return on your marketing investment. All it takes is one lead to produce a sizable job and bingo! Your profit will cover the cost of our service for a period of a year or more. Are you still not sure? Take your time and look around. After you have a look at what our competition is doing, come back to us. You’ll see that we are one of the few water damage lead generation companies that know the industry and provide value for your investment.
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Water Damage Leads
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Emergencies obviously change the way people react. They aren’t getting bids from three contractors. They want you there now. First one to the job typically gets it. This mentality extends all the way to the front-end of how your business gets noticed. If they want the first company that can get there to get there, they will probably choose one of the top companies they find in Google or if they’re still using it, their phone book (unlikely).  And if they are going to be quick to pick a company that shows up first, they’ll probably not want to read a ton of your website to know who to pick to come over to their home, right? And they don’t want to have to mess around doing a ton of research on whether you’re reputable or not either. Get the idea?
What Are The Most Searched For Water Damage Keywords?
After reviewing over 18 months of data, we’ve finally found the exclusive “list”. By determining what the most searched water damage keywords are, you should be able to use this as a starting point to grow your restoration business.
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4 FullProof Way To Generate Water Damage Leads
With Google Adwords you can use Google’s ad program and ads on the first page of Google by targeting keywords relevant to water damage. For example if someone searches “water damage company”, “mold removal”, “water damage + phoenix (or any local city name” then you can have your website or better yet a custom landing page with and offer and form to gather their name, email, and phone # to be able to call that potential customer back.
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At the Weissman Center, reversing the damage to the drawings was the work of Christopher Sokolowski, a paper conservator who has examined and treated many works like the Rabel drawings in the course of his education and career. Sokolowski earned a master’s degree in art conservation from the Winterthur/University of Delaware program and a master’s degree in art history from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and has experience in working with old master drawings through internships and fellowships at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, the Louvre, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As he began work on treating the drawings, Sokolowski also began to contemplate their original purpose.
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Our first goal is to get that damaging water out, ASAP. Then we use water extraction equipment to dry out and decontaminate your residence or place of business. The longer that any water is allowed to sit in your basement, the more damage to your electrical systems, drywall, and baseboards — which, in a worst-case scenario, may all need to be removed and replaced. We do our best to help you avoid that kind of expensive situation. As a full-service restoration company, you can rest assured that if we need to remove any items, we have the manpower to replace them. Our highly trained staff will always guide you through the water damage restoration process so you know exactly what we are doing. 
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9 Proven Tactics for Getting More Water Damage Leads
Google Adwords, the tool used to manage PPC ads, is a complicated animal though. It would definitely be wise to study up on Adwords through Udemy or PPC University to familiarize yourself with the software. Then you’ll want to take the Google Adwords Certification exams before proceeding.