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“I would like to mention, the owner of this company was very patient when it came to payment from the insurance company. You have no idea how much stress and possible distress this alleviated, especially when I saw how much this was going to cost. I highly recommend this company in any clean-up situation, whether it is water or fire. The staff has high knowledge and an awesome work ethic.”
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“I referred water damage recovery to many jobs in the Bay Area in the last two years. Every job that I refer out to a company I check with the customer after, and out of at least 100 jobs, each customer has had a great review about their excellent people skills and customer service. They make it to an emergency very prompt and ready to work. I wouldn’t refer any other company.”
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Water Damage Recovery was created with the client in mind to provide an unsurpassed level of workmanship at a competitive, reasonable price. WDR is a family-owned and operated local company with two locations to insure a quicker response and better service to San Francisco, Oakland and Stockton. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of Northern California families and business owners get their lives and businesses back on track in a timely manner.
“I used Water Damage Recovery after a pipe broke under my parent’s apartment building. The plumber replaced the pipe but could not remove all the water that had accumulated under the building from the broken pipe. The plumber gave me Water Damage Recovery’s phone number and I called them. They were wonderful!! They were responsive, communicative and friendly. They showed concern and squeezed me into their already jammed schedule. Angel and Christian came out at the end of their very long shift to get my job done. They were very professional and took care of everything.
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We are a proud member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, America’s premier trade group for P-H-C professionals. We are also a member of and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This means we are pledged to meet requirements beyond just merely being trained and certified. In fact, here at Water Damage Recovery, our staff is trained to our industry’s highest certifications.
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Residential Water Damage Restoration
Inside of Home: We try to get there within an hour when the water damage is inside your home. Our technicians will vacuum up water and use an ‘extractor’ to remove water from wood floors. Furniture will be removed from affected areas or put up on blocks. If the water damage is from dirty water, carpeting will likely need to be thrown away, however if the water is clean we’ll dry the carpet if we can. Carpet pads are thrown away because it is cheaper to replace than dry them. If there is water damage affecting a wall we will remove the baseboard and drill small holes in the wall. This will allow air movement to dry the wall.
Mold Removal
Water Damage Recovery can safely clean, contain and dispose of mold that’s in your home or business. First our technician cleans off the entire area. A negative air machine that filters the air is set up so that the now clean area is not re-contaminated. At the same time a dehumidifier is actively removing moister from the air to help keep your property dry, preventing new mold growth.
Sewage Cleanup
If the items are nonporous, like tiles and hardwood floors, we can clean them. Our technicians will use eco-friendly microbials and biosides to totally cleanse the affected area. IICRC-certified cleanup procedures can also include using disinfectants that are IICRC approved to assure that the affected areas are once again safe. Our services include:
Water Damage Remediation
Fire Damage Restoration
It’s vital to take quick action within the first 24 hours of a fire incident in order to put a stop to the ongoing secondary damage caused by the acidic particles of smoke and soot, which can cause costly harm to your property and belongings as well as serious health problems. Water damage, the result of the fire department’s fire suppression efforts, must be cleaned up right away before mold starts growing.
Commercial Water Damage Restoration
Inside Property: We try to get there within an hour when the water damage is inside your business. We vacuum up water using an ‘extractor’. We’ll remove furniture from the affected area or put furniture on blocks. If the water is dirty we throw carpeting and padding away. If the water is clean, we dry the carpet if we can. Carpet pads are thrown away because it is cheaper to replace than dry them. If water damage is at a wall we will make small holes in the wall where the (removed) base board was. This will allow air movement to dry the wall.
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Water Damage Restoration Water Extraction & Water Damage Cleanup Mold & Sewage Decontamination River Water Decontamination Demolition of Wet Drywall, Insulation, Cabinets, and Appliances Removal of All Nails and Screws, Clean Wood Studs, and Thoroughly Vacuum Dust and Debris
Water Damage Las Vegas
Water Damage NJ are experts in water damage extraction, cleanup and restoration due to any adverse factor like flood, sewage back up etc. Water damage can be caused by broken pipes and hoses in common appliances, or external factors like a leaky roof or severe flood. Minor to major water damages are typically placed into categories of toxicity and then classes to determine the proper extraction, restoration and repair methods needed. In the Storm-Surge Flood Zones in NJ and need a professional to remove water caused by hurricane or other storm contact Water Damage NJ
Laptop Water Damage Data Recovery
Put simply, hard drive control board swaps don’t work anymore. Or, at least, not without putting extra work into it. When hard disk drives were simpler, the control boards from identical models were identical as well. This hasn’t been true, though, for over ten years. Increases in the capacities of hard disk drives means massive increases in the density of their hard disk platters. In order to accurately read and write data, the hard drive’s components must be calibrated. The drive consults this calibration data, which is stored on a ROM chip on the PCB, all the time. If the calibrations are wrong, the hard drive can’t work. A bad problem can even become worse!
Water Damaged Mac Data Recovery Solution
“Hi, can anyone help me recover my lost files from my water damaged Mac? Last night when I was using my Mac, I accidently knocked the water cup, that was terrible – all the water was pouring onto my Mac. I used paper and dryer to dry the Mac. Fortunately, it could boot into OS X. But after restarting the Mac, I found so many pictures and files were gone. I think the Mac has been water damaged, so how can I recover my lost files from the water damaged Mac?” – Charles Quek