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Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a burst sewer main, a house fire, severe mold growth, a flood, or any kind of disaster, Restoration 1 is here to make sure your home is rebuilt and restored to its original state – or even better. Our team responds to emergency damage immediately, utilizing our national supply of resources and professionals to pull together and fix your property.
Water & Mold Water Damage
If you happen to pick up this book that you want to read and find that the pages are damp, then you will have to find some way to dry them. It might be that this has happened before and then some of these pages might be stuck together. You will have to find some company that can save these books and papers of yours. They will be able to work their magic so that you can maybe keep these items. Most of you will just throw these items away. There are plenty of document drying and restoration companies today that can salvage and restore paper products that have been damaged by water, smoke, fire, and mold.
Water Damage Orlando
Water Damage Mold
Symptoms associated with mold from water leak include upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinus infections, increased susceptibility to colds, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sore throat, headache, fatigue, trouble sleeping, dizziness, depression and difficulty concentrating. People that have asthma often experience an increase in symptoms and occasionally someone not previously diagnosed with the condition develops asthma after exposure to mold from a water leak. Small children, the elderly, those with respiratory problems like emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and those with compromised immune systems (conditions like HIV and AIDS) are at greater risk for symptoms but anyone living in home with water damage mold can be affected.
A bad mold situation or water leakage at home can cause great hassle to the property owners. If you are facing this situation then one can contact the Certified Water Damage & Mold Removal Experts for best services. The Company has a team of licensed professionals who are into this business from much time. They use the advanced equipments to drain the water out of your home.
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We are the Leaders of Leak Detection and water damage restoration. When you have a plumbing, HVAC, or other issue, don’t settle for subpar service or temporary solutions. Contact our experienced Van Nuys plumbers and HVAC technicians to get the job done right – the first time. We’re equipped to handle any job, from leak detection and mold remediation to heater repairs and new AC installation.