Tosh Car Accident Sticker

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Kayla Strathman Baileyville Ks Car Accident
Car Accident with Expired Inspection Sticker
The issue now becomes whether your testimony alone is sufficient to admit the expired inspection sticker into evidence.  My opinion is that it is sufficient.  If your testimony is facially credible, then I think you are entitled to use this evidence in your defense.  Some judges, however, might want something more (like an independent witness or admission of the other driver) before admitting the expired sticker into evidence.  Otherwise, there is a potential for people to fabricate such matters in order to get otherwise inadmissible evidence into the case.
Car Decals
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Bicycle Accident Car Decal
Make sure the decal remains stuck to the wall. If part of the decal remains stuck to transfer tape just press that part back down and rub it a little harder with applicator card or rag.