Ryan Higa Car Accident

Is it true that nigahiga (ryan higa) got involved in a car accident?
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YouTuber Ryan Higa Injured During Filming Accident [VIDEO]
Now I warn you: the video is not for the weak of heart. If you are the person who covers their eyes throughout all the “Saw” movies or throws up every time you see blood, I recommend you watch the video “How Humans Eat Their Food” for a chuckle instead. Rest assured, Ryan Higa, and many other great men — Voldemort, the Joker — have gone onto wonderful careers despite their facial scarring. Higa is expected to make a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ryan Higa during his time of recovery.
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Ryan Higa
Ryan’s paternal grandfather was James “Jimmy” Seishun Higa (the son of Seisho Higa and Haru). James was born in Hawaii, to parents from Japan.