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Show-Me Sentences
Use this lesson early in the year so you can refer to it later when students are working on other writing assignments. For example, after having students write a descriptive narrative and engage in a peer-review session, ask them to select three single, significant sentences from different parts of their narrative. Have students transform each sentence into a ?showing? sentence as learned in this lesson. Each ?showing? sentence can then be reinserted into the narrative as part of the revision process.
Exercises on Conditional Sentences (Mix)
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How to Teach Descriptive Writing with Show-me Sentences
It was on a Sunday morning and I felt so comfortable and safe as I slept in my bed. Suddenly my mom knocked on my door and said, "Time to get up, Joely!" I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was 7:30AM. I sighed, pulled the covers over my head, and squirmed. Minutes later my dad came in and ripped the covers off me. "Get up and get ready for church!" I groaned and lumbered out of bed to get breakfast.
Settling Your Car Accident Case
After receiving your demand letter, the insurance company will review it along with any documentation you provided. Typically the insurer will make an initial offer to settle the claim. Don’t be surprised if the first offer is a “lowball” offer. Just as your demand letter requested more than you were willing to accept, the insurer will usually offer less than they have actually allotted to pay your claim. Therefore, you should refrain from accepting the first offer extended to you by the insurer.