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Traffic Fatalities Cell Phone Use And Texting Account For ManyCell Phone Use and Texting Account for Many Traffic Fatalities Distracted Driving, "We're not that naïve to think that just because there's a law that everything's going to Driving Performance," Accident Analysis & Prevention, March 2006. Myra Blanco, Wayne Bievera, ... Fetch Document
Texting and Driving Car Accident Fault
Violations of anti-texting laws are particularly suggestive of fault because the laws preventing texting are in place to limit distracted driving – meaning that someone who texts and drives is distracted, presents a significant driving danger, and is therefore negligent of his or her duty to drive carefully and avoid accidents. Because texting and driving creates a significant risk of accident, even a driver who is hit by a speeder or someone running a red light, can be held partially responsible if texting at the time of the accident. Texting and driving laws give insurance companies an opportunity to clearly, and unarguably, assign a significant responsibility for the accident to the driver who was paying more attention to the phone instead of the road – regardless of what the other driver involved in the accident was doing.
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AP News In Brief At 8:58 P.m. EST - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, SportsWASHINGTON (AP) - Brushing aside a White House veto threat, the Republican-controlled House voted by a healthy bipartisan majority Friday to weaken a core component of "Obamacare" and permit the sale of individual health coverage that falls short of requirements in the law. ... Read News
Dangers of Texting While Walking
The truth is that pedestrians almost always have the right of way. There are very minimal exceptions if an accident were to occur where the driver would be considered the victim. Pedestrians should be able to walk in pedestrian areas without fear, and drivers almost always need to allow for them to walk and be alert. However, you must avoid such an incident from happening by simply avoiding to use the phone when walking outdoors. Based on law, it’s important that drivers are aware of the issues at hand and don’t run into people by being careful when reaching pedestrian walking areas. The way the driver is not at fault is if somebody is jaywalking or walking in areas they shouldn’t. Working with an attorney is best if you are struggling.
Car Accidents Involving Teenagers
Car accidents involving teenagers have been the leading cause of teen deaths for several years. The alarming statistics for teenage car accidents have shown the dangers of teen driving. It is becoming more important for parents to take an active role in preventing teen driving accidents.
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Despite New Law, Many Drivers Continue To Put Their Lives At Risk And Text And DriveEight in 10 crashes in Virginia occur because of distracted driving, many of those involve a cell phone, according to In Virginia, there is a law banning texting while driving. Since its passage, an estimated 328 motorists have been cited. The new law makes texting while driving a primary offense. Violators face a $125 fine for the [] ... Read News
Common Causes of Car Accidents
The question then arises -- How does this attempt at multitasking affect our driving? As drivers, the likelihood of avoiding any hazard depends largely on our ability to first perceive the hazard, and then take appropriate action to avoid it. The proper response can mean the difference between safely avoiding a road hazard and causing an accident. The margin of error is often only a matter of seconds. If the driver is engaged in an activity such as texting on a phone or adjusting the radio, the brain is less likely to perceive road hazards in sufficient time to allow for a safe response. (Learn more about Car Accidents Caused by Phone Use.)
Teenage Car Accidents
Most teenage car accidents happen because your teen drivers simply lack experience. They have not gone through the same driving situations you and I have. Things like: Driving in bad weather conditionsNight time drivingBeing victims of road rage
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Not long ago, accusers argued that parents should have to take responsibility for any car accident caused by their kids’ cell phone use. They also gave a sound point to support their claim, since the parents must have provided the minor child with the cell phone, and the same cell phone had caused accident while driving, then they should be held responsible legally. Up till now,the law has not made a final verdict on the issue. On the other hand, parents should think about it before they encourage their kids to make or receive calls while driving, since they are now aware that the law can hold them to be responsible for the negligent driving of their kids.
The Leading Causes of Car Accidents
Drunk driving in Canada continues to be a leading cause of crashes despite the increased legislation on fines, driver suspensions, and possible jail time, up to 10 years if they cause bodily harm. On July 2, 2008, new Criminal Code provisions on impaired driving came into force in Canada, which gave police better tools to detect and investigate alcohol and drug-impaired driving. These changes increase the maximum sentence to life if the driver causes death and to a maximum 10-year sentence if they cause bodily harm.