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Pacific Attorney Group represents clients throughout the State of California from its principal office in Los Angeles. As always, we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you 24/7 at your home, hospital, or your location choice. We are here to serve you.
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The sooner evidence from the accident is collected, preserved and examined, the better. All physical evidence at the scene of the accident, such as skid marks, are critical for your case. Unfortunately, many of these pieces of evidence disappear within a few hours after the accident, because the weather and/or other vehicles begin to erode the evidence as soon as the police barricades are removed. Certain documentation required by the truck driver and/or the truck company are only kept for a specific time period and once this time expires, the documentation can be disposed of. The soon you have an attorney from The Ledger Law Firm truck accident lawyer, the sooner we will start to collect, preserve and examine the evidence relating to your crash. The more evidence that can be obtained in relation to your accident, the better it will be for your case. Our experienced attorneys understand the importance of gathering evidence and we will do everything possible to ensure we obtain all possible evidence and information.
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We have outworked others in our field to achieve success as Personal Injury Attorneys. Located in West Palm Beach, Lytal, Reiter, Smith, lvey & Fronrath is here to guide and protect you from the insurance companies and their adjusters – the people that are hired and trained to minimize claims and pay as little as possible.
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At The Baum Law Firm, we believe that injury victims are entitled to be fully and fairly compensated for all of their loss and damage resulting from negligent or intentional conduct. Your health and well being is of primary importance, and our experienced injury lawyers can provide referrals to local physicians and therapists to diagnose and treat your injuries. Contact our Personal Injury Lawyers and Car Accident Attorneys for a free telephone consultation. We have conveniently located offices in Palm Springs, Temecula, Palm Desert, Murrieta, Wildomar, Ontario and San Bernardino. You pay no fees or costs unless we recover money in your case from an insurance settlement or legal judgment.
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Bill Bone and his legal team provided my family and me with a feeling of comfort when I was at the most challenging point in my life. After the first day of meeting with them, I knew all I needed to do was focus on my physical recovery and they would handle everything else. I would recommend his practice to any of my closest friends and family as I know his level of expertise is unmatched. – READ FULL REVIEW
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A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Available Anytime. Call 1-800-260-2577 To Be Instantly Connected To An Attorney
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If you have been in a car accident in West Palm Beach Florida, Fetterman & Associates is ready to fight for you in order to get you the compensation that you deserve. If you’re involved in a serious auto accident, it’s important to have a Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach, who is experienced and knowledgeable in representing those who have suffered the effects of a life-changing accident. Fetterman & Associates, PA has the experience, drive, and diligence to win your personal injury lawsuit.
My first encounter into the area of injury law unfortunately happened when my own mother’s malignant melanoma skin cancer was misdiagnosed by a local doctor. By the time the melanoma was properly diagnosed, the cancer had spread throughout her body and ultimately killed her. From this experience, I discovered that you need to do your own research, learn the medicine, and become a strong advocate. I was so passionate in my personal fight, that I decided I wanted to help out other inured accident victims.