Car Accident I 25 Last Night

Bad car accident last night?
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Two People Died At SXSW Last Night in a Car Accident That Injured 23
As for your criticism of SXSW and it’s sponsors, Dan Solomon, I know you are one freelance writer, but perhaps your editor should have thought about how hypocritical it comes off when a story on its website says that SXSW and its sponsors need to think about their culture of excess. Texas Monthly is as complicit in the promotion of the festival as any other media outlet. One only needs to read the Texas Monthly Twitter feed to see that the magazine has been encouraging folks to attend all month. All of us in Austin have conspired to create a culture of binge drinking where bad mistakes can happen. It’s really a miracle that it took 23 years for something like this to occur. We all, including Texas Monthly which is headquartered in Austin, need to consider whether a giant drinking playground is worth the downside. I have a feeling those making money off of it will want to keep the status quo.
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Car Accident
ARS AND ACCIDENTS (I): THE POSITION OF THE SUPREME COURT5 to 25 age group car accidents are the principle cause of death for both sexes and the second for the 25 to 34 age group. Even in the 35 to 44 age group they are the second most common cause of death for men and the third for women [Antoni PLASENCIA and Salvador MONCADA, "Accidentes”, Informe ... Document Retrieval