Car Accident Manningham Road Map

Road Safety
Manningham has adopted VicRoad’s Safe System approach which recognises that road safety is an individual responsibility that must be accepted by the community, as well as a Government responsibility. There is a need for physical infrastructure improvements to make roads and vehicles safer and behaviour change programs to raise community awareness.
Roads and footpaths
Works within road reserve permits are required to make sure works on road reserves under our care are done safely and in line with Council standards. These works include activities such as digging, landscaping works, service connections and more. If you are applying for the permit, you will be responsible for managing public safety and reinstatement following the works. This includes pedestrian and vehicle traffic impacts and the any traffic management plans required to be developed before the works are implemented.
Find a bike or walking trail
We have many trails in Manningham for walking and cycling. Our major trails, the Mullum Mullum, Main Yarra, Koonung and EastLink Trails all connect and form a 42 kilometre off-road circuit around the western part of Manningham. Refer to the map below for distances, facilities and to show you how this circuit connects with other trails to explore further afield:
Hard rubbish (waste) collections
Hard rubbish (waste) collections provide you with the opportunity to dispose of unwanted household items that cannot be placed into your garbage bin or recycle bin. Our hard rubbish collection is only available to households that use our bin collection service.
Active Travel Program
Walking is good for our health, the environment and good for the community. Replacing short trips, such as walking to the shops, park or to school instead of driving, can improve physical and cognitive health for everyone, reduce the negative environmental impacts of using the car and also increase social connections in the community. With more people out of cars and walking the streets instead, your local community will become a safer and more vibrant place to be.