Beverly Hills High School Car Accident

Beverly Hills High School
For many years Beverly has selected high-achieving students from twelve LAUSD middle schools on diversity permits in an attempt to increase the number of minorities enrolled. Selections have been made based on test scores, grades and writing samples. According to enrollment data for the 2006–2007 school year, however, seven out of ten students who entered the school this way were of Asian ethnicity. In April 2007, due to pressure from parents and activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who criticized the school for not recruiting more African-American and Latino students, Superintendent Kari McVeigh agreed to extend the application deadline until April 27, as reported in the Los Angeles Times and the Beverly Hills Courier, hoping that more students from these minority groups would seek to enroll. According to the Beverly Hills Courier (May 25, 2007), "civil rights leaders hailed the final student selections" as "an honest effort to obtain ethnic diversity."[24][25]
Beverly Hills High School
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi
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Beverly Hills GHS Careers
Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the HSC, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.
Beverly Hills Unified School District
of our graduates will feel satisfied with their preparation for post-graduate pursuit.
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Beverly Hills Intermediate School
Principal: Stacey Barber Assistant Principals: Travis Regner Ashley Collier Jennifer Teichelman
Beverly Hills Unified School District
Horace Mann School (named after Horace Mann, American education reformer, abolitionist, and congressman) serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade in Beverly Hills. Established in 1929, the school enrolls 723 students in its campus at 8701 Charleville Blvd. The Principal is Dana Findley and the Vice Principal is David Foldvary; most Horace Mann students continue on to Beverly Hills High School. On April 14, 2010, the School Board voted Steve Kessler, a middle school math and P.E. teacher at the school, as the new principal of Horace Mann. He took over as Principal on Thursday, July 1, 2010, in time for the 2010–2011 school year, and the previous principal, Dawnalyn Murakawa-Leopard, left to take on a higher position within BHUSD. Kessler was the first principal without a doctorate since 1972. Principal Steve Kessler was named the superintendent of BHUSD effective June 1, 2015, and a new principal for Horace Mann School, Francisco "Harvey" Oaxaca, was selected. Oaxaca served one year, electing to take on a new position in Florida and was replaced by former Vice Principal Dana Findley ahead of the 2016–17 school year. Findley also served one year, but returned to teaching at the high school.
Beverly Hills High School
Before you send your child to Beverly Hills High School, be sure to read the "Attendance Policy" under the "Parents" tab on the website. They deduct more than 1/2 a point from your grade each time you're a 1 second late. They also refuse to allow students to make up classwork, if say, someone steals their book. The math teacher refused to allow my kid to use a calculator from the school for a math test when my kid didn't have their own calculator. When another kid lent my kid a calculator, the teacher took it away from my kid. When you are reading the reviews on this school, notice how many of them sound like they might have been written by the same source. BHHS isn't about helping kids get into college or academics. My kid was an honor student when we started at BHHS and because of unavoidable absenses and tardies, mean kids stealing books and bullying, my kid is lucky to be coming out of this year with a "B" average, even though my kid got good grades on tests and assignments. And since most of the kids at BHHS are from another country, not America, your kid will be dealing with all the richness of cultures that really don't like Americans. Good luck.
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Beverly Hills, 90210 (season 1)
West Beverly prepares for the annual Spring Dance and Kelly, preoccupied with being named Spring Queen and asks Brandon to be her date, which stirs up romantic feelings. Jealous, Steve gets drunk and lashes out at everyone, revealing a deep family secret. Andrea is not going to the dance and is upset when she finds out that Brandon is going with Kelly. Brenda finally loses her virginity to Dylan in their hotel room. David enters a contest to win the first dance with the Spring Queen. Donna has trouble moving in her dress.