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The 48-year-old pilot killed in a fiery plane crash in Fullerton was a Southern California native and dentist who recently moved to Utah and commuted back and forth between the two states, his mother said Friday.Robert Ellis was taking off at around 7:50 p.m. at the Fullerton Municipal Airport, at 4011 W. Commonwealth Ave., when his Beechcraft B60 Duke crashed near Runway 24 and burst into flames, according to Fullerton police.He was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.Ellis is survived by his wife of more than 25 years and their four sons — the oldest a 20-year-old and the youngest still in junior high, the victim’s mother, Sandra Ellis, said.The small plane had just been gassed up and was traveling about 15 feet above ground at about 80 mph when it suddenly veered to the left and plowed into the pavement
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Car Accident In California 2019
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Here we have just a small sample of car accidents from across the United States that have been caught on dashcam. We hope that by viewing situations such as these, drivers will become more aware of traffic hazards and how to avoid them. It is our goal to educate drivers which may help to reduce the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths in this country.
Google’s car accident with a bus captured on video, well sort of
Now the Associated Press has put out a video of the ‘accident’, if one can call it that. The video doesn’t make quite apparent what happened; in the beginning you can see from the CCTV camera in the bus that, up ahead on the road there’s the Lexus-Google self-driving car, about to move left.