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The first European settlement, consisting of a few families, occurred in the Argyle area in the 1850s. The place was then known as Pilot Knob or Waintown. The settlement gradually acquired a few amenities in the late 1800s: a school in 1875, a Baptist church in 1876, and a post office in 1878. The community was formally founded and renamed Argyle in 1881, after the Texas and Pacific railroad built a track through the area. Some believe a railroad surveyor named the town after a garden in France. However, others believe the town to be named after the region of Argyll in Scotland. Also around this time was when Sam Bass, an infamous outlaw who stole $60,000 in gold coins from the Union Pacific Railroad, was rumored to have stashed the gold in a cave. Sam Bass died when he was 27, and it was rumored he never lived to retrieve the gold.
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Each day, countless vehicles pass through Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. Inevitably, accidents happen, and should you be involved, you need to know what to do immediately after the car accident. You also need to know what could potentially happen to you in the aftermath of the accident. Insurance adjusters will call you, trying to get you to give a statement about how the accident happened, the extent of your involvement, and the seriousness of your injuries. They are NOT asking these questions to be helpful, but rather to pin you down in an effort to minimize your claim or even trick you into saying something that will allow them to deny your claim entirely.
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Texas Car Accident Laws
However, every automobile insurance contract requires the policyholder to report a car accident to the insurer very soon after the fact. The sooner the insurer knows about the accident, the sooner it can start trying to investigate or defend a claim. If the insured fails to report an accident within a reasonable time, the insurer may deny coverage in connection with the crash. An insurance company could define a “reasonable period of time” as being as little as a day or two, depending on the circumstances of your accident.
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Texas car accident attorney Jeff Rasansky has been helping auto accident victims in Texas recover compensation for their injuries for nearly 30 years. The goal of this website is to raise awareness of the sheer number of preventable car accidents that occur in Texas on a daily basis.
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Texas is a "fault" car insurance state, which means you may file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver. So every driver can be held liable for any damages and injuries he or she causes in a car accident (Sec. 601.051). Most people cover this by purchasing liability insurance with at least the following minimum limits (though a driver can be sued for expenses beyond these minimums covered by insurance) (Sec. 1952.0515, Sec. 601.072):
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Since there is no cost to speak with a lawyer, it is a good idea to learn more about your potential claim. Accident Data Center can help you by connecting you with our network of experienced injury lawyers who can provide you with information about your rights and options. Learn more here about the value of a no-cost legal claim evaluation.
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Guide to Filing a Lawsuit after a Car Accident in Texas
However, you should not provide any written or recorded statement to any insurance company at this point. If there are serious property and personal injuries involved, you will want to be represented by a Texas personal injury attorney when you make any statements. Texas law states that the insurance company must respond after receiving your claim in writing. If your insurance company agrees to pay your claim, it must do so within five business days.
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What Are the Car Accident Laws in Texas?
For example, the courts deem the claimant 10% at fault for having a broken tail light, but the defendant 90% at fault for following too closely in a rear-end collision case. The total award amount was $50,000. The claimant would take home $45,000, or the total award minus her 10% of fault (the equivalent of $5,000). Texas’ fault rules are “modified” because they cut off the ability to receive compensation at 50%. Pure comparative fault states let claimants take home compensation at any percentage of fault below 100%.
What To Do After a Car Accident in Texas
Take extra care when attempting to move an injured person; if possible, wait for an ambulance to arrive. Notify 911 to report any injuries and call for medical assistance. Also inform the local Texas police, sheriff or highway patrol, especially if the accident resulted in fatalities, injuries or property damage.
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An ignition interlock is a device which measures any amount of alcohol contained in a driver’s body. Before starting the car the driver must blow into a tube emanating from the ignition interlock device. If the device then detects a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher than is permitted by law the car will not start and the violation will be reported to the prosecutor, the probation officer, and/or the judge. At that point the driver may be subject to loss of driving privileges, immediate arrest and incarceration up to the maximum term provided by law. Section 521.246
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A personal injury attorney does more than represent your case in court. Our car wreck attorneys will help you determine who is liable for your injuries, what kinds of insurance claims to file, what damages you deserve compensation for and other important factors of your case. We will also deal with the insurance companies for you; the legal team at Juan Hernandez Law know how to work with the insurance companies so that they can’t manipulate you into receiving less compensation than you deserve.
Texas Car Accident Pain & Suffering Damages
Setting aside the issue of who was at fault for the accident, insurance companies will, by and large, compensate you for your property loss and your medical expenses (including doctor visits, medications, chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc.). Your total economic damages will be a baseline for determining how much the insurance company is willing to offer you for your non-economic damages, also known as pain and suffering damages. Depending on the severity of your injuries, the insurance company will usually take the total sum of your medical expenses and multiply that by 2, 5 or even 10, to come up with a starting figure for pain and suffering. This amount, added to your economic damages, will be the starting point for negotiating your final settlement. For more information about car accident settlement factors, see How Insurance Companies Calculate Car Accident Settlements.
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Many kinds of injuries can occur in Texas auto accidents. Some are more common than others. These include: