Orphaned By Car Accident

Hyundai Auto Azerbaijan assists children orphaned by car accidents
Hyundai Auto Azerbaijan spokesman Firdovsi Khalilov told a news conference devoted to the outcomes of the "Hand in Hand toward the Future" project, launched this March, that over 45 families from Azerbaijan’s biggest cities – Baku, Ganja and Sumgayit – and eight regions of the country had applied for the assistance. The funds worth $100,000, allocated by the company, have been spent to assist 86 children from these families.
Survival Story: Orphan Children In Fatal Car Accident
A touching story of how orphaned children in the care of Children of Tomorrow Orphanage Home in Abakpa Nike Enugu survived a fatal motor accident has been circulating on social media and shared on Facebook more than 1,300 times. According to the report, all the passengers on board survived the fatal accident. Unconfirmed report suggest the children were on their way to Lagos.
Linda Bloch Walsh Car Accident
Top 25 Causes of Car Accidents
While some of these car accident causes may seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers, this list aims to educate all levels of drivers, from the teenage driver who just got his license, to the senior driver with 40 years experience behind the wheel. Learning to drive a car takes many instructional hours behind the wheel, especially if that driver wants to avoid causing automobile accidents. Let our Top 25 Causes of Car Accidents be your guide towards a lifetime of car accident prevention not just in San Diego, but anywhere.
Different Types of Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accidents
There are many different types of injuries that can happen during a car accident, but one area that causes a lot of concern is injuries of the brain. There are a few different types of brain injuries, but they’re not always apparent immediately after the accident, which can be problematic or downright dangerous. Here are a few things to look out for and why you should seek treatment as soon as you can after an auto accident, even if you think you’re fine.
Cell Phone Car Accidents
Many drivers consider their time behind the wheel as an opportunity to make phone calls and send text messages. Maybe you have even found yourself guilty of this at one time or another. You think to yourself — it will only take a second. Try five seconds, which is the minimum amount of time your attention is taken off the road while texting and driving. In those five seconds, you can travel the length of a football field without ever glancing at the road. Simply put, using a cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous, especially texting and driving.
Andrew Bond Car Accident
Types of Car Accident Injuries
Head injuries are among the most serious car accident injuries. Seated drivers and passengers involved in high-speed collisions can strike their heads against steering wheels, dashboards, or windows. This can cause traumatic brain injuries, ranging from mild concussions to comas and lasting cognitive problems. Often extensive medical treatment and long-term medical care are required after such injuries. Head injuries can also lead to skull fractures, hearing loss, and vision problems.
When the driver who causes an accident is not insured, it is usually difficult for persons who are injured in a motor vehicle accident to recover compensation for their injuries. In some cases it may be possible to find a third party who is also liable for the injury, but in many cases the only liable party will be the uninsured driver. Unfortunately, many uninsured drivers have few if any assets that can be reached to contribute to an award of damages, and are effectively judgment-proof.
Liability for Car Accident Wrongful Death: Insurance Claims and Lawsuits
Today, only Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and the District of Columbia follow the pure contributory negligence rule. In those five states, the insurance company can flatly deny an injury claim if the person was as little as one percent to blame for contributing to their injuries, even fatal injuries.
Car Accident Stockleigh Road Rage
Common Causes of Truck Accidents
Commercial trucks like big rigs and delivery trucks present unique dangers to smaller vehicles and their passengers. Not only do truck drivers need to be aware of the dangers presented by their large and unwieldy vehicles, but other drivers also need to use extra caution in their presence. Seemingly minor driving errors, like failing to signal before passing, can result in catastrophe when an eighteen-wheeler is involved, especially at high speeds.
Car Accident Lawyer Albuquerque, New Mexico
Because I have been in business for 30 years (25 years in Albuquerque) I have established great relationships with some of the best doctors in Albuquerque. Some medical doctors in Albuquerque refuse to accept a LOP from any other law firm except our Albuquerque auto accident law firm and one or two others. I will help you find the best health care provider in the best location for you. I also know which doctors you should avoid because of bad reputations with insurance companies. I can usually get you in to see a doctor the day after I begin working on your claim. There is no reason why you shouldn’t find a health care provider to treat your injuries, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the best medical care possible.  After all, you did not cause the wreck, and the at fault drivers insurance should pay for your medical care. As Albuquerque auto accident lawyer I can get you the medical care you need following your wreck.
Common Car Accident Injuries
Car accident injuries can run the gamut in terms of variety and severity, but certain injuries seem to crop up more than others after a car crash -- including neck, back, brain, and soft tissue injuries. The articles in this section provide all the information you need (both legal and medical) when it comes to injuries suffered in car accidents.