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My cousin sister Rajni was always my sidekick. But early on I really didn't think having another kid around was all that cool. Here I am plotting to kill her in the crib with my doll Helen. We have inflicted much physical pain on each other over the years. But now I truly cherish having her near me. And I am so proud of her every single day. I am technically an only child but I grew up in my grandparents home with my cousins Rajni, Aarti and Rohit as well as my aunt Neela who never let me feel alone! Happy siblings day! ( I know I am a day late but what else is new?)May our kids be as close as we are (without all the biting and scratching)!
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Padma Lakshmi went to Workman High School in California from which she graduated. She graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts BA Honors in Theatre Arts. She speaks fluent English, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish and Italian. She started her career when she was 21 as a model. She has states that she happens to be the first Indian model to have a career in Paris, New York and Milan. She paid off her college loans while she was working as a model and actress. She has modeled for some of the top designers like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and Alberta Ferretti. She also made her appearances in ad campaigns for Roberto Cavalli and Versus.
San Diego Car Accident Thursday
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WARNING: Graphic Content. This tragic video shows why all of us need to do better. I am constantly working on it as well. This is what happens when we use single-use plastics which can’t be recycled and have profound & devastating effects on animals. #EarthDay