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Car accidents often significantly change the lives of victims and their families. Our car accident attorneys see it every day. Long-term care, medical costs, lost wages, and a reduced quality of life are just a few of the lasting effects injured car accident victims face. Being seriously injured in an auto accident and trying to recover from your injuries while facing these challenges can be overwhelming. But, at DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers, we understand these challenges and the impact that injuries sustained in an auto accident can have on your life.
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“There are certain traits that we all want from our lawyers. We don’t come to them seeking friendship, although when trust is built, and a healthy dose of care becomes involved, as the days turn into weeks and often months, you can’t help but begin to look upon your lawyer, if you’re lucky, as a trusted friend. To me and my family, Josh Haffner was that, and much more. Simply put, I do not believe you will find a more skilled, more honest and more hardworking winning lawyer as Josh Haffner in Los Angeles, an area filled with lawyers coming in all different stripes.He cares and he wins. There just aren’t many like Josh around. If there ever comes a point in my life again when I need a lawyer with his specialty, he is absolutely the only one I would call, because he is simply the best.”
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The best way to avoid a car accident is to practice safe and conscientious driving. Always be aware of the other cars around you on the road. Never be in too great a hurry; no appointment is more important than your life -- and the lives of others. That said, the chances are extremely likely that you will be involved in a car accident at least once in your life. It’s best to be informed about what to do and what not to do in the event of a car accident. Following are some valuable car accident tips:
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If the example above takes place in a state that permits joint and several liability, the plaintiff can collect the full $100,000 from the construction company. The construction company can try to demand contribution from the other at-fault defendants. However, if the drunk driver and the fatigued driver are uninsured, the construction company will only be able to collect contributions from the city and the manufacturer. The goal of joint and several liability is to account for the possibility that one or more defendants are judgment-proof by shifting this risk to others at fault for the accident.
The Effects of a Serious Car Accident
Personal injury lawyers often invoke emotional responses when litigating a personal injury claim, but there is a whole other side to the emotional effects of a car accident that gets little recognition. Some car accident victims experience fervent terror of the idea of driving following a serious vehicle collision, and if they do regain the nerve to drive, they will often fear the scene where the accident occurred, and avoid it as much as possible. Some may even have a fear of the motion they were making when the accident occurred, such as a left-hand turn or driving through an intersection while the light changes from green to yellow. Others may be deathly afraid of the type of vehicle that injured them, such as a commercial freight truck.
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The sad truth about car accidents in Australia is that they account for more than 50% of all the spinal cord injuries throughout the country. Many of these spinal cord injuries are permanent and change the victim’s life forever. Often, the victim of a spinal cord injury will need to remain in the hospital for up to a year or more. However, quite serious injuries are suffered by those who never attend a hospital right away. What starts as a discomfort quickly progresses to severe pain, many times radiating to other parts of the body. The fact that they did not have to attend hospital immediately after the accident is seen as an indication that it should not be so serious when in fact the injured person could be on their way to a very serious injury for life. Tragically, the age group most affected by these life-altering spinal injuries is people aged 15-24, when their lives are just beginning and the consequences will alter their quality of life forever.
Car Accidents Involving Government-Owned Vehicles & Government Workers
If you are seeking compensation from the government for damages caused by one of its employees, you will likely need to file an administrative claim with the government entity (city, county, state or federal) first. Most government entities give very little time in which to do this, usually between 30-180 days. Don’t miss this deadline or you may lose your right to recover for your damages. Some government units have a claims form that you can fill out and return to the clerk’s office of the government agency responsible for your accident. You may have to plug in a dollar amount on the claim form to settle your claim. If you must give a settlement figure, be sure to carefully calculate all the damages you may be entitled to recover as you may be limited to that amount in any future lawsuit. You will be sent a letter if your administrative claim is denied. You can, however, still sue the government in a court of law. The letter will tell you how much time you have to file a lawsuit.