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One common mistake that people make after being involved in a car accident is taking too long before getting in touch with their insurance company. The quicker you contact your insurance provider, the higher your chances of receiving compensation for the damage. If you contact your insurance provider early enough, they will have sufficient time to investigate the case before evidence is destroyed and it is an excellent way to ensure prompt compensation. The insurance company and countless resources available to investigate claims, take pictures, interview witnesses, locate people, etc. So if you tell them timely about a claim they can provide assistance in many cases. However, if speaking to the offending insurance company about a car accident, we suggest limited communication and letting your lawyer handle that. Also, refrain from giving the offending insurance company any recorded statement. They will only endeavor to use that against you down the road.
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Car Accidents: Photo Gallery By US State has collected thousands of auto pictures and crash stories from across the United States and the world. We have organized many of the photos sent to us by the state in which the crash took place. Below are links to many of these, you can also check out the main gallery which is updated regularly as pics are sent in here. Send Us your Car Accident Story and Photo to Post Online! Please submit your photo and/or accident story. You may cut and paste your story into an email. We will not include your last name or personal information. Guidelines: 1. Please use either a jpg, bmp or gif format. Tell us your story please include a description, date of the accident and the accident location. (City, State, or Country if outside US). 2. You agree to our conditions. 3. Send to Thank you for helping build this site!
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Mr. Clark and Mr. Steinhorn were college roommates at the University of Maryland, and they have practiced personal injury law together in Prince Georges County for decades. They have known each other for 40 years, and they work as a well-coordinated team. Your case will never be passed off to an inexperienced or disinterested associate attorney: every aspect is personally handled either by Mr. Clark or Mr. Steinhorn. At Clark & Steinhorn we treat each client with the utmost respect.
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Entering a courtroom alone is extremely stressful, even for the most confident among us but particularly for someone who has just experienced the physical and emotional trauma associated with being in a auto accident. Insurance companies regularly deploy questionable tactics in an effort to protect their profits, including delaying payments or attempting to grossly underpay injured drivers. Hiring experienced counsel is the best way to take the guesswork out of the legal process and maximize the chances for compensation. Securing compensation serves two purposes: it provides them with the support they need and deserve as they heal and rebuild their life; and it requires those at-fault for the injuries to take responsibility for their negligence. Obtaining experienced local representation also means:
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LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton, P.A. is a powerhouse accident law firm with a simple objective: To help clients achieve the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. The attorneys at our Baltimore law firm employ an in-depth intake process to gain a better understanding of your accident and its aftermath. If needed, we refer you to a medical specialist who can diagnose and treat your injuries, such as whiplash, neck & spine injury, fractures and back injury. We then give you an honest assessment of your case and keep you informed of its progress every step of the way. You work directly with an expert accident injury attorney at all times.
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Rear end accidents occur when one fails to stop and slams into the back end of another car in front of them. Typically the car in front is either stopped or in the process of coming to a sudden stop when it gets struck from behind. Rear end collisions are the most frequently occurring type of auto accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end collisions account for just over 30% of all auto accidents and 48% of all 2 car collision accidents nationwide. Rear end accidents tend to result in comparatively less damage and few physical injuries than other types of accidents. There are 2 primary reasons for this. First, in comparison to other types of accidents, a large percentage of rear-end collisions occur at low speeds so the impact force is less. Second, when an impact comes from the rear end of a vehicle, drivers and passengers in the front of the car are farther away and more insulated from the force. One of the unique aspects of rear-end accidents is that there is an automatic presumption of fault placed on the driver who comes from behind. A driver who hits another car from behind is always assumed to be at fault for the accident, regardless of circumstances.
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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident in Maryland, please call the Maryland car accident claims attorneys of Price Benowitz, LLP, at (301) 683-8383 or contact us online. Your initial car accident claim consultation is free, and if we agree to represent you, we will work for a contingent fee, which means we won’t get paid for our services unless you receive a settlement or an award. In Maryland, a car accident lawsuit must be filed before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.
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About five hours earlier on Friday night, three vehicles collided on an isolated two-lane road on the edge of Chino, a city east of Los Angeles in San Bernardino County. Authorities were working to identify the dead and determine the cause Saturday afternoon, police spokeswoman Monica Gutierrez said.