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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Summer has almost arrived and the schoolchildren are restless. Mr. Dobbins becomes even more harsh in his discipline, provoking the boys to conspire against him. At the end of the year, the town gathers in the schoolhouse for the “Examination,” in which students recite speeches and poems and engage in spelling and geography competitions. Tom struggles through “Give me liberty or give me death,” finally succumbing to stage fright, and a series of young ladies then recites the hilariously awful poems and essays they have written. Finally, the schoolmaster turns to the blackboard to draw a map of the United States for the geography class, and at that moment a blindfolded cat is lowered from the rafters by a string. The animal claws at the air and yanks off Mr. Dobbins’s wig, revealing a bald head that the sign-painter’s boy gilded while Mr. Dobbins slept off a bout of drinking.
Tom Potter (brewer)
Potter served as an assistant vice president at Chemical Bank. In 1987, he founded the Brooklyn Brewery along with Steve Hindy. Potter retired from Brooklyn Brewery in 2004.[3][4] He is currently the co-founder of New York Distilling Company, along with Allen Katz.[5]
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why didn't injun joe move, where will huckleberry finn stay while he watches over the tavern, why did tom yell for huck to run for his life, what did muff potters lawyer do after the prosecution was done with each witness?
A series of witnesses testifies to Potter’s peculiar behavior, and in each case Potter’s lawyer declines to cross-examine. Finally, Potter’s lawyer calls Tom Sawyer as a witness for the defense, much to everyone’s amazement. Tom, deeply frightened, takes the witness stand and tells the court what he saw that night.
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He acted like he was invulnerable most of the time, but he wasn’t. Harry understood that, but didn’t try to mollycoddle him. He let Tom have his own space when he needed it, or remained there quietly supportive as a reminder that he wasn’t alone, that someone would always be there for him. He’d never learnt how to express negative emotions in a way that wasn’t destructive, but Harry never held it against him – they had had the same upbringing, after all. (AU - Harry grows up with Tom in the orphanage)
Tom Potter
Editor's comment:The near-mythic 'Tom Potter' is a kind of contemporary Paul Bunyan, the larger-than-life protagonist of Frost's tall tales. Talking about poems that you succumb to, rather than 'commence to read' – Gill Andrews's entire pamphlet has this compulsive quality. I was convinced by her 'Variations on works by Pablo Picasso', too; not such an easy thing to pull off. So many poems inspired by visual art end up blurry facsimiles of the originals. Not so with Iain Crichton Smith and not so with Gill Andrews.