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Veronica Vallelonga, Lawyer
Veronica Vallelonga is the latest addition to our team of lawyers. Fierce negociator and excellent litigator, she helps clients in need of a criminal lawyer or a family lawyer. She has demonstrated a talent to get the results she’s hired for.
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Mr.Cormier is a former Crown Prosecutor who acquired experience in criminal law in the Quebec Court, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Appeal Court of Quebec as well as municipal courts. He acted as a legal consultant for the United Nations and practised within two international penal tribunals: the International Tribunal for Rwanda and the Special Court for Sierra Leone. As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr.Cormier’s strategy is often to find flaws in the accused’s charges and to expose them while defending his clients.
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Laurent Morin, Montreal LawyerLawyer Laurent Morin has two qualities that are a sign of his exceptional character: his efforts are thorough and constant. From the beginning of his career within our Montreal firm up to now, the results he reached have impressed the senior partners. His interviews with clients are detailed, his legal research goes into depth, his negotiations with prosecutors are well prepared and his pleas in court are eloquent. He is one of those lawyers who do everything for their clients out of a sense of duty, not just because it is part of a job. Mr Morin graduated from the Université de Montréal.
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Our family lawyers can represent you in your struggle to have your rights respected in a family law litigation in Montreal. Whether it is a separation, a divorce, a child custody problem or alimony, financial and emotional stakes are often significant. It is better to consult a family lawyer before making a decision that can have unexpected consequences on your rights.
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According to the Legal Services Commission, you can receive free legal aid if you meet the following criteria: Your annual income – including all forms of income: social security benefits, salary, tips… Your family situation – spouse, dependent children
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There are many challenges for businessmen in the construction field: rugged competition, complicated regulations, civil liability, the risk of bankruptcy and insolvency, and hungry tax authorities. These increasingly complex challenges require multi-skilled consultants. Our law firm has this expertise. We are not only construction barristers, but also business consultants. And in business, it is essential to have access to prompt and efficient advice. It is extremely preferable to find practical solutions rather than costly litigation. Nevertheless, if litigation can not be avoided, our attorneys will fight tooth and nail to make your rights prevail. Our construction lawyers represent individuals as well as small and large Montreal businesses, subcontractors and suppliers. Our clients include architects, engineers, landlords and real estate developers in all fields in the venue involved.
Veronica Vallelonga, avocate
Originaire de Montréal, Me Vallelonga a néanmoins choisi d’effectuer ses études de droit à l’Université Laval à Québec. Elle avait obtenu auparavant un diplôme de l’Université McGill. Elle parle couramment le français, l’anglais et l’italien.
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Xavier Cormier, LawyerMr Xavier Cormier is a criminal lawyer who practices law in the Montreal area and elsewhere in the province. Before founding the Cormier Simard criminal law firm, Mr Cormier was in turn the substitute for the Attorney General, a judicial affairs consultant for the United Nations and a human rights consultant for the International Committee of the Red Cross. For further information about the criminal law practice of Mr Cormier, please click on his link.
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Veronica Vallelonga is a pro-active Montreal lawyer who has acquired substantial experience in the field of challenging speeding tickets and traffic tickets. No matter what offence in the Highway Code you are charged with, Madam Vallelonga will provide you with appropriate advice on the way of avoiding the consequences and your chances of succeeding. A consultation at her Montreal office or a phone call with him can quickly be organized to discuss with Madam Vallelonga about the way to challenge your tickets.