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How to File a Complaint Against an Airline
It’s worth thinking about where to file your complaint. The most obvious target, of course, is the airline. Airlines manage your travel arrangements, handle your checked luggage, and can arrange new travel arrangements. They can also be responsible for any in-flight injuries that might occur. Filing a complaint with the airline is often the best way to achieve results. All major airlines provide a means for customers to complain. Typing the name of your airline and the word “complaint” into a search engine should turn up the necessary information.
Complaints against Lawyers (5:XI)
 · II. Governing Legislation and Resources  · III. Do You Have a Claim?  · IV. Choosing the Proper Forum  · V. Starting a Claim  · VI. Responding to a Claim  · VII. Default Order  · VIII. How a Claim Proceeds  · IX. Pre-Trial  · X. Mediation  · XI. Settlement Conferences  · XII. Trial/Pre-Trial Conferences  · XIII. Trial Preparation  · XIV. Trials  · XV. Costs and Penalties  · XVI. Appeals  · XVII. Enforcement of a Judgement  · Appendix A: Registries  · Appendix B: Demand Letter  · Appendix C: Notice of Claim  · Appendix D: Reply to Claim  · Appendix E: Glossary  · Appendix F: Limitation Periods  · Appendix G: Causes of Action  · Appendix H: Court Fees  · Appendix I: Tribunal Fees  · Appendix J: Settlement Conference  · Appendix K: Payment Hearing  · Appendix L: Appeal
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This is defined in Section 8 of the 1994 Solicitors (Amendment) Act as services which are inadequate in any material respect and are not of a quality that could reasonably be expected of a solicitor or a firm of solicitors. Complaints under this heading must be made within five years.
Complaints Against Judges
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The SAPS may give a person, who has been arrested on suspicion of a less serious crime, an option to pay an admission of guilt fine. Many people pay an admission of guilt fine so that they can be released from police custody – not knowing what it means and how it will affect them. Unfortunately, there are consequences to paying an admission of guilt fine which may haunt a person for many years to come. It is advisable first to speak to an attorney before you pay an admission of guilt fine. Download our brochure and read more here.