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The defense attorney is your ally, so make sure you treat him or her that way. Tell your lawyer your entire history as it relates to the case. Remember that you are relying on the defense lawyer to help you with your charge, and in turn, the criminal attorney is relying on you for help in relation to the information you provide. The lawyer needs the facts as you know them and be careful not to leave anything out. Since you both have a stake in the case and its outcome, being up front is most important. The attorney can only work with the details you have provided, along with the facts of the case and in return, the attorney will prepare his or her best defense for you.
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The material contained on this website is not offered as legal advice or any other type of advice on any particular matter. Criminal laws change frequently and there are new bills in the legislature changing criminal laws each year. The answers to common questions are not legal advice in any case. It is important to consult with an attorney before making decisions and to learn what the current laws are that apply to your case.This website is not intended to and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Neve Webb PLLC. If you would like to discuss legal representation, please request a consultation by calling our office at 612-340-7970.
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Laws evolve over time, becoming more and more complex. It is difficult to keep up with the myriad changes occurring in just one area of the law, let alone numerous ones. As a result, the lawyer who wrote your will or helped you with a family matter may not have the experience to protect your future if you are facing criminal charges.We stay up-to-date as laws change, assuring that our clients get the benefit of an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the most current version of criminal law. All of our time, all of our energy, all of our resources and all of our experience are focused on criminal defense.
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If you are facing a DUI or criminal charge in Broward County, put your trust in the attorney who has helped so many others who have been where you are. Former clients have left numerous online reviews, calling Adam Rossen determined, available, and goal-oriented. Most importantly, Adam has been able to help his clients obtain the best possible legal outcome so that they can move forward to a successful and secure future in line with their personal goals. Whether you live in South Florida, or you need to resolve a legal matter in Florida from out of town, contact our office today to schedule a free strategy session with Adam and learn more about protecting your rights.
With a reputation for aggressively representing criminal clients, with an eye towards litigation. Many attorneys are afraid to take your case to trial for fear of losing, the hard work that goes with trying cases and because of the time it takes to go to trial. Attorney Moraski loves going to trial and is a firm believer that taking cases to trial gets a client the best results. Oftentimes, by forcing the prosecution to trial and not taking a plea deal, it forces the prosecution to see the weaknesses with their own case and weaknesses in their own witnesses. Additionally, taking cases to trial will usually force the prosecutor to offer you the best deal. Usually a client would never be offered such a good deal at the pre-trial stage of litigation, but once the prosecutor sees the weakness in his or her case and the time and energy of the trial that lies ahead, you usually get your best offer the day of trial. Attorney Moraski handles everything from serious felony charges like Murder, Home Invasion and Robbery, all the way down to misdemeanor charges like OUI, Assault and Battery and Drug Possession Charges. When you are faced with a serious criminal charge that carries jail time, you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you every step of the way, especially at the trial phase.
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It is important to hire a lawyer when a person faces criminal charges at the earliest possible moment because a criminal lawyer in Atlanta can help investigate the case, protect the person’s rights, keep them from making costly mistakes by meeting police officers and being tricked into saying something while on camera or on audio recording that might be used against them later. A lawyer guides, educates, and helps the person make a decision on whether it is beneficial to speak with police, whether it is required that the person provides the authorities with some evidence, and whether they are required to let the police into their home unless they have a search warrant.
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“Honest with unquestionable integrity … he genuinely cares about the people he represents. Every call to him was returned in a timely fashion, and he answered all my questions thoroughly and with patience.”
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Eric made sure that I fully understood what took place and why. He also told me that even though his job was done, that should I have questions in the future to feel free to call him. I just can’t say enough good things about him. I thank God that we found him and will never be able to truely explained how blessed I felt to have him represent my son. If you are considering hireing Eric, I would highly recommend him. I hope that I will never need his services again but I will hire him again should I need him.
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The representation of individuals who were seriously or catastrophically injured as a result of negligence is one of the most rewarding fields of law which we have the privilege to practice. Our attorneys and support staff love what we do. We work hard and dedicate ourselves to achieve the best possible compensation for our clients. Our multi-million dollar results are a testament to our success. Our New York personal injury Law firm treats each of our clients as a member of our family. We do not believe in processing a large volume of cases like a factory but instead we aim to represent each client as an individual and treat our clients like family. To meet that goal, we make ourselves easily accessible via phone, e-mail, cell phone, and in person appointments. Our New York offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens allow clients to visit us at their convenience. For new clients, we also make home or hospital visits if the potential client is unable to visit one of our offices. We work with top experts in the fields of medicine, engineering, finance, and other specialities to prove liability and damages at trial. There is never any legal fee until we win your case. Contact us for a confidential consultation at (212) 222-1111 or toll free at (866) ATTY LAW.
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Criminal accusations deserve to be handled with aggressive attention and acute care – they deserve to be handled by The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C. Our firm's lead attorney, Howard Jarrett Weintraub, served as a federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice in Washington D.C. for three years before taking on the position of Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia, which he held for seven years. This insider knowledge is used to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients.