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xiii. Successful people don't use lawyers less, they use lawyers more. xiii. Successful people don’t use lawyers less, they use lawyers more. As that same lawyer says: “Take any high-performing business person and ask them if they have a lawyer. Of course they do, and it’s not Google! Most experienced business people have long-standing relationships with their lawyers. They understand the relief that a timely conversation with a “sounding board” can bring. The idea of depriving someone of this relationship and replacing it with a piece of software makes for a lonely and stressful picture.” Not to mention, less successful xiv. You need a lawyer with experience in your area of needxiv. You need a lawyer with experience in your area of need. So, just as you would go to a doctor if you were about to start an exercise program, or to a physiotherapist because you have a problematic knee, call if you are experiencing “discomfort” of a legal nature. We will help you understand the relevant law and how it applies to you, so that you are better equipped to make informed and objective decisions.
To Use an Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent in Australia?
Migration Ways consultants are not Australian immigration lawyers but registered Australian immigration agents. Australian migration lawyers and Australian migration agents do the same job unless you have a complex case that requires ministerial intervention or Judicial Review. Then you should consult with a migration lawyer.
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Migration Agents obtain their registration from the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the OMARA). This registration is renewed each year. The law in Australia requires lawyers seeking to offer immigration advice and assistance to be registered migration agents. This rule is likely to change and immigration lawyers might not need a separate registration with the OMARA in order to give immigration advice.
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The “points test” is where your qualifications and occupation are factored into your application. Your application will be awarded points for various different requirements, and the application will be refused if you do not score enough points. For example, some occupations are awarded more points than others. The details of the points test are not very easy to find on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, and we advise you to seek help from us to ensure your application will be successful.
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Immigration is a complex area of law, with many of the rules and regulations changing and developing frequently. Our areas of expertise range from completing relatively straightforward visa applications to undertaking complicated applications requiring detailed arguments and submissions. We prepare reviews to the Migration Review Tribunal and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, as well as lodging submissions for Ministerial Intervention Requests.
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Australian Immigration Lawyers have represented thousands of people in successful migration applications to the Australian Government since 1998. We devise successful visa strategies that work and look forward to discussing your case. Book a session today.
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We are a boutique migration consultation firm recognised as one of the foremost immigration practices, not just in Brisbane but throughout Australia. Founded by Aishwarya Somal, our staff are all qualified solicitors and registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Our lawyers provide specialist advice on all aspects of immigration to Australia for both individual and corporate clients, covering the full range of applications to enter or remain in the country. The various types of visas our consultants are able to assist with include:
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The Law Society of NSW act as the voice of the legal profession, representing the interests of over 27,000 members, encouraging debate and actively driving law reform issues through policy submissions and open dialogue with Governments, parliamentary bodies, the Courts and the Attorney General’s Department. We set and enforce professional standards, license solicitors to practise, investigate complaints and administer discipline to ensure that both the community and the profession are properly served by ethical and responsible solicitors. We guide, unite and support our members in their professional and personal lives so that they can provide a better service for their clients and uphold the integrity of the profession, and ensure the general public has appropriate access to justice and can be easily connected to members of the profession when they require legal advice.
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I felt after the initial consultation that whilst as a registered and qualified immigration agent you would doubtless be able to follow the process and make the necessary submissions,  I felt you more importantly had the “street smarts” to make things work when a case was not exactly a round peg round hole scenario. This was probably the most important factor, beyond simply taking the headache and stress away from me with my already full schedule. I am pretty sure I have been proven right about this!