Maurice Blackburn Lawyers Careers At Home

Our lawyers achieve positive results in real people's lives.
Our lawyers get to work on real cases, achieving important and positive results in real people’s lives. We believe in continuous professional and personal development and will support your aspirations in a flexible and autonomous workplace. We are one of Australia’s most trustworthy, successful and respected law firms. Our philosophy and direction are clear and we want lawyers who want to fight for fair with us.
At the heart of what we do is a belief that the law should serve everyone.
We believe that legal action, which supports social justice, contributes to a better society. Our Social Justice Practice challenges the excesses of government and business, and champions the rights of those who are disadvantaged. We have led litigation in the public interest on behalf of refugees, workers who have been underpaid, and people who have been unfairly targeted by national security legislation.
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Enhance your legal career within a highly influential law firm.
At Maurice Blackburn we walk the talk right across the firm. Working in legal support at Maurice Blackburn gives you the opportunity to work with interesting people in a firm which values, supports and develops all employees. You will be able to produce meaningful work which contributes to the outcome of client matters, and be able to develop strong relationships with clients themselves.
A career at Maurice Blackburn is the opportunity to make a difference.
Since Maurice Blackburn opened its doors we have been committed to fighting for causes that have a lasting effect on the Australian community. Landmark cases, like the 40 hour week, equal pay for women and the case against the commonwealth government on behalf of Dr Mohammed Haneef, are the kind of cases we actively pursue. We pursue cases that we think will effect positive and lasting change. If you’re interested in working at a firm that is genuinely committed to working on landmark cases, then Maurice Blackburn is for you.