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Innocence Canada is a Canadian, non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, advocating for, and exonerating individuals convicted of a crime that they did not commit.
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Romantic comedies today as writer Jeffers- Mcdonald said “the neo-traditional romantic comedy era has this new trend of romantic comedy, which does not seem especially concerned with establishing a connection with its specific social context. Instead, it prefers to reference popular culture and consumer products rather than political or historical events”. ” There is a clear need for generic renewal stemming from a strong feeling of anxiety in contemporary romantic comedy.” The genre today is more realistic, they have to have characters, that a modern audiences believes and serves some credibility in their lives that they can relate to when dealing with contemporary issues. They include themes of the importance of sex, a closer emphasis on parody rather than the re-use of conventions and structure; and now today its reintroducing the male dominance as the recent success of male-centred comedies like Knocked Up (2007), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), Role Models (2008) or I Love You, Man (2009) have chosen to have a new generic renewal into the genre. This new kind of romantic comedy, addressed to male audience, mixes elements from slapstick and screwball which is today the most successful and innovative trend within the romantic comedy genre.
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