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Personal Injury Attorney Fees and Costs
Personal Injury Cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means clients do not pay the attorney unless compensation is received. Some attorneys do not advance expenses and require their auto accident or other personal injury clients to obtain litigation loans. George Angelopoulos advances Pre-suit and litigation expenses for you without interest of any kind. FREE Consultations. No hourly billing. No out of pocket expenses are required even though expenses incurred may be substantial.
Our Legal Fees
We understand that potential clients may be comparison shopping upon deciding which law firm to seek assistance from, and for the sake of transparency, we post our standard rates. However, we discourage people from simply “shopping” for the best price. Our fees are highly competitive with respect to the quality of service we provide. We know this is true based on the countless referrals we handle after a case has been mishandled by other firms. With few exceptions, we also do not charge for handling requests for evidence, as long as the client provides documents within the . We are highly motivated to present our cases as thoroughly and as carefully as possible from the beginning. We have built a reputation on solving complex problems and giving cases the personalized attention they deserve.
Immigration Attorney Fees
Consular Processing$1,250$1,250Consular Processing (After I-130)$1,900NoneK-1 (129F), Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)  + Consular Processing$1,250$1,250K-3, Nonimmigrant Visa for a Spouse$900NoneK-3 (I-130 + I-129F + Consular Processing)$1,250$1,250Advance Parole (I-131)$350NoneRe-entry Permit (I-131)$550NoneWork Permit (I-765)$350NoneEmployment-based Non-immigrant VisasApplication/Petition TypeInitial Attorney FeesFees Due Upon ApprovalH-1B, Skilled worker (new)$2,100$2,100H-1B Transfer, Extension and Amendment$950$950H-4 Dependent (With H-1B)$350NoneH-4 Dependent only$550NoneNew L-1 Petition, Intracompany Transferee$2,600$2,600L-1 Extention Petition$2,100$2,100E-1 Petition,  E-1 Treaty Traders$2,600$2,600E-2 Petition, E-2 Treaty Investors$2,600$2,600E-3 Petition, Certain Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia$1,300$1,200J-1 Waiver$1,550$1,500Appeal for Denial of J-1 Waiver Through IGA$1,100NoneF-1 Petition, including F-1 and M-1 student visas$1,100NoneB-1/B-2, Visitor Visa Extension$350NoneO Petition,  Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement$2,600$2,600R-1 Petition, Temporary Nonimmigrant Religious Workers$2,100$2,600Business Immigration – Employment-based Green CardsApplication/Petition TypeInitial Attorney FeesFees Due Upon ApprovalNational Interest Waiver (NIW)$2,600$2,600NIW
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Understanding Probate Lawyer Fees
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Lawyer Fees for Your Small Claims Suit
Big bucks for little work: You hire an attorney on a contingency basis to represent you for injuries you received in a car accident. After you leave the office, he calls the insurance company and settles the case for $100,000. If the contingency agreement provided for the lawyer’s compensation as one-third whether by suit, settlement, or otherwise, the lawyer gets $33,333.33 for the phone call. – Immigration Law Office
Green Card by Employer Sponsored Labor Certification with PERM Attorney Fee: $3,000 ($2,000 to prepare and file the PERM, $600 to file the I-140, $400 after the I-140 is approved) USCIS Fee: $700 Processing time: 2-3 years