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Meet Upamanyu Hazarika, striving to be the voice of the ‘khilonjiya’ in Assam this election
“As the voice of the khilonjiya, the indigenous,” he says. Hazarika is fighting this election by making illegal infiltration — an electoral issue that has dominated Assam for decades now — his main campaign peg. Among the promises in his manifesto, which he is distributing through a door-to-door campaign, is a re-verification of NRC, reservation for indigenous Assamese and opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. “Our main leaders ran away, the NRC is a big mess. The Congress said they would fight migrants, but instead they started reaching out to them. The BJP came to power on the Jaati-Maati-Bheti plank, but the same people whom Narendra Modi said have to pack their bags and leave, sit in his rallies.” “Khilonjiya first,” or “Indigenous first” is Hazarika’s campaign slogan.
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The logistics of traveling to Delhi and filing a case in TDSAT is a huge barrier for the consumer, though the individual consumer has the option of moving to the local Consumer Forum which lacks the specialty and expertise of the TDSAT. It is suggested that the TRAI which exercises regulatory powers over telecom service providers, cable operators, broadcasters, etc can reduce the load on TDSAT by developing a mechanism of accepting representation and their disposal within a time frame which will also enable TDSAT to have the benefit of the views of an expert body.
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I wrote my first line of lyrics at age 8 – and felt like I was doing magic. I became obsessed with making (noises) music, software and games, and I was fortunate enough to find my passion that early on in life. Only a few years down the road I discovered the world of coding and entrepreneurship – which became my platform to play on. This combination is a force of nature and has resulted in various projects over the years.