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How to become a lawyer
It is also possible to do the Solicitor Apprenticeship, which is a six-year, Level 7 programme aimed at post A-level students, paralegals and chartered legal executives. The period of study is reduced for those who progress from other legal apprenticeships. The scheme covers all the content in a law degree and LPC and enables apprentices to gain a law degree and LLM (Masters). Find out more about law apprenticeships.
Prospects of Law as a Career
The traditional career path is to “practice law” in the courts. But it is essential for any fresh graduate to learn the ropes under a Senior Counsel. The graduates are now supposed to qualify a Bar Exam before they join the Courts of Law. Litigation provides a wide range of employment options in both private and public spheres. You may specialize in a particular field of law such as Taxation, Constitution, Family, etc. You can choose to focus on appellate work, trial-level practice, civil litigation or criminal cases. The field is very interesting and lets you learn a lot about living with people. However it is not the field for you if you want to work from desk in a ‘Silence Please’ workspace with classic corporate culture. In litigation the income is generally close to nothing in initial stages, but grows with experience and has no limits. You may earn 10 Lacs in a day and may even have to go ungreased for a month straight. In this field, your marks in your academic life do not matter at all. The only thing that matters is the exposure that you have and how well do you way out with people.
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A glut of lawyers dims job prospects for many
Starting in about 2008, big law firms cut back significantly on their summer associate programs, said Susan Pye, president of the Pye Legal Group recruiting firm. To fill the hiring gaps left by smaller incoming classes, many firms are relying on "lateral" hiring of established partners and associates from other firms, she said. Part of the appeal is that lawyers often bring their clients with them.
Job Prospects and Opportunities for Law Graduates in Nigeria
Activist, Human Rights Advocate (Local, International Human Rights Groups & Agencies, Government Agencies etc) Attorney (Represent individuals and organizations in law courts, start your own chamber or work for established law firms) Court Reporter (Media Houses, News Agencies, ) Judge/Magistrate (Work in the bench and climb your way to become a judge) Legal Assistant/Paralegal (in Law firms, Agencies & NGOs etc) Legal Secretary (for Associations, NGOs etc) Company Secretary (in firms, medium and big corporate organizations etc) Law Enforcement Officer (join the Police as an Officer, the Military, Security Agencies such as State Security Services etc) Private Detective/Investigator (If your investigative skills are good enough start a private investigations firm or work for one) Prisons/Customs/Immigration Officer (join the Prisons, Customs or Immigrations Service as an Officer) Federal Government Law Enforcement Agent (Work for Federal Government law enforcement agencies such as NAFDAC, NDLEA etc) Diplomat (pursue a career in the diplomatic missions as a career diplomat) Corporate Lawyer (Represent companies in law suits on environmental, commercial law cases)
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Most employers offering training contracts want to see evidence of relevant work experience as it will help you to decide whether becoming a solicitor is right for you. Large firms often run vacation schemes, which as well as giving an insight to the work provide an excellent opportunity to establish contacts for future roles. Not all vacation schemes are advertised, so you may want to make speculative applications - particularly to smaller firms.
The Inns provide educational and social support for barristers and student barristers, including libraries, dining halls and common rooms. The choice of Inn does not affect the areas of legal practice open to you, or the choice of chambers for pupillage or tenancy applications, but if you have received a scholarship, you will be required to join the Inn that provided it. The student officer at each Inn will supply more information.
10 Careers With Great Job Prospects
With the highest unemployment rate in nearly 30 years (9.5%) and a lingering recession, an increasing number of laid-off workers are competing for a dwindling number of jobs. Employment options seem bleak, and in some professions, they are. But for students entering college and trade schools this fall, there are some fields that hold much more future promise than others. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are several fields that will virtually guarantee a job for those graduating over the next few years. (For background reading, see Invest In Yourself With A College Education.)We scoured the OOH report and found a surprisingly long list of careers that have both:
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Higher education lecturer
Try and secure teaching experience while completing your PhD, either through taking seminars and tutorials or marking essays and exams. There may also be opportunities to help with labs or lectures. Use this experience to build up your skills portfolio and take any chance to get involved in curriculum design. Any work experience that shows your capability for teaching will be useful.
Getting an interpreting job with no formal qualifications is unlikely unless you have substantial language skills and proven experience through, for example, a bilingual upbringing, residence abroad or regular work with speakers of a second language. In this case, you may find informal work where pay is likely to be lower than for professionally qualified interpreters.
Legal profession
People, who study, organize, teach, and through that also create law, often working at universities, are called jurists. In civil law countries, their role is greater, because they draft codes, which are major laws that govern whole areas of law. In common law countries, the creation and interpretation of law has traditionally been the domain of judges.
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Job Prospects of a Lawyer Vs. a Clinical Psychologist
An October 2012 article in the “New England Psychologist” notes that 5,000 students graduate from doctoral psychology programs each year. The article also notes that the Veterans Health Administration has announced plans to add 1,600 mental health clinicians. According to the BLS, 33,700 new jobs for clinical, counseling and school psychologists should be added between 2010 and 2020, with a total of 37,700 new jobs for psychologists as a group. Job demand, according to the BLS, will be driven by an aging population, the needs of trauma survivors, addiction, stresses related to work or marital and family problems, and the needs of individuals with autism.
Law conversion courses
Students apply for conversion courses in the final year of their undergraduate degree. All applications for full-time places are made through the Central Applications Board (CAB), while part-time applications go directly to course providers. Search for part-time law conversion courses.
Nature conservation officer
Most advertised posts ask for experience and this should be your first priority. The importance of paid or voluntary experience cannot be over emphasised. To gain full-time employment, even for short-term contracts, you must demonstrate that you have become involved and shown commitment. Many people working in this sector start in voluntary work and building up contacts and experience.