Burbank Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service And Legal Aid

Lawyer Referral Services
Legal consultation and advice, as well as limited (LAR) and full legal representation, in the following practice areas – family law (including divorce, custody, alimony, child support, modifications), housing (including evictions and breach of warranty law), consumer law, debt collection and re-finance, bankruptcy, probate, wills and trusts, immigration (special immigrant juvenile status/SIJS, unaccompanied minors), employment law, and education law (including special education appeals).
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One way to save money is to hire a lawyer to handle part of your case. This is called “unbundled services” or “limited representation.” Sometimes, you can do most of the work yourself and hire a lawyer to help you with things you cannot do. Such services may include drafting a motion, reviewing an agreement or attending one specific hearing, rather than handling your whole case.
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Hampden County Bar Association Lawyer Referral & Information Service
Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. There is no fee for our services. If you are referred to an attorney we recommend that the attorney charge you no more than $25.00 for your initial half hour consultation. At that time, the attorney should discuss his or her fees with you. Once the client has met with the attorney, if it is determined by the attorney that further legal service is required, the fee arrangement is between the client and the lawyer. Please note, this service does not provide pro bono (free) legal assistance.  We do have a Reduced Fee Program  to provide legal representation for individuals with limited income.  The panel members are private attorneys in the Hampden County area who have agreed to take certain cases at a reduced rate.  The reduced rate is $75.00 per hour.  There is a non-refundable $10.00 processing fee to apply for this program.  Click here for the reduced fee application and case types.   
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The Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (“BBA LRS”) provides information on this website as a service to its users and our members. The BBA LRS is not a law firm and does not represent clients in any way. Although the information on this site is about legal issues and informational services it is not legal advice. Use of this website does not in any way create a lawyer-client relationship.
Boston Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
Please be aware that all of the attorneys on our panel will be charging standard attorney rates. When you tell your attorney you were referred by the Boston Bar, they will guarantee the first half-hour at a fraction of the cost of their regular fees. If you believe you qualify for reduced-fee services please call 617-742-0625 or Toll Free 1-800-552-7046 during business hours. If you are unable to pay attorney fees, please indicate this and we will try and find a suitable pro-bono agency for your needs.
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Norfolk County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
Our Referral Service is free. Your initial half-hour appointment with your attorney will cost no more than $25.00. When you discuss your issue with the attorney, you also should agree on any additional fees before you proceed. All referrals are done on a rotational geographic basis, based upon your needs. Trained staff is available Monday – Friday – 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. to discuss your situation and make an appropriate referral to meet your needs.
Lawyer Referral Service
In some cases, after a consultation, a lawyer may determine to take your case on a contingent fee basis. This means that if your case is successful, the lawyer receives a percentage of the judgment or settlement and out-of-pocket expenses. If the case is not successful, you pay the expenses only.
Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
Hours of operation: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm, Monday - Friday. No walk-ins. We will make up to three referrals per case, one at a time. The LRS attorneys may charge $25 for the first half-hour of the consultation. You should discuss legal fees at the consultation and obtain a written fee agreement if you hire the attorney. If you meet certain economic guidelines, the MBA LRS may be able to refer you to a lawyer who offers reduced fees (no more than $75 an hour) for qualifying clients.
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Glendale Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
The GBA-LRS is a lawyer non-profit referral service certified by the State Bar of California Serving Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and Neighboring Communities in Los Angeles County.
Lawyer Referral Service
A confirmation of the referral is then emailed to the lawyer. If you do not receive a referral from us, but someone claims to have been referred to you through the Service, the most likely reason is word-of-mouth referral from a previously satisfied client. Such informal referrals are beyond the control of the BC Branch office and if they do occur, it is a matter for the lawyer to deal with at their discretion. Once a referral is provided to the applicant, the lawyer’s name is rotated to the bottom of the referral list. If you have not been contacted by the applicant we refer to you within two weeks, you may advise the Lawyer Referral Service and your name will automatically revert to the top of the list.
Alabama State Bar
Legal fees will be negotiated between you and the attorney referred to you. Only the initial consultation fee is directed by the Alabama State Bar. All other fees are at the discretion of the attorney. When discussing the cost of representation with the referred attorney please make sure you distinguish between the fees and expenses such as filing fees and other third-party fees charged to your matter. Lawyers charge based on the time and type of work involved, the difficulty in solving the problem, and your needs as a client. The Lawyer Referral Service encourages you to ask for a written fee agreement before you proceed with any legal work beyond the first 30-minute consultation.
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Lawyer Referral Service
The Lawyer Referral Service operates by telephone. Please call during business hours, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday at 604.687.3221 or 1.800.663.1919. Once the area of law is determined the operator will provide you with the name and telephone number of a lawyer in your geographical area. You contact the lawyer to set up an appointment to meet. A conflict of interest check is to be performed by the law firm. You are entitled to up to a half hour consultation for $25 plus taxes if the lawyer is available. If you know you have a legal problem and need to hire a lawyer, the Lawyer Referral Service can help you find a lawyer at their regular rate. Out-of-province and country requests can email [email protected]
Lawyer referral service
Some controversy also arises from whether professional referral services are anti-competitive in nature.[citation needed] For instance, since Board Certified attorneys often charge a higher hourly rate than other competent general practitioners, if a Lawyer Referral Service requires Board Certification for certain types of referrals, instead of merely providing the public a choice between a Board Certified attorney and a competent attorney who is not Board Certified, the effect may be to restrict competition and restrict public choice and push up consumer prices.[citation needed] State bars, which license attorneys, may be complicit in restricting client choice.[citation needed]